What is “OneerTM”?

OneerTM is a technology which will be helpful in rural areas and is developed under Make in India Mission. But do you know for what purpose OneerTM is developed, what are its features, how it will work etc. Let us find out through this article.
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What is “OneerTM”?
What is “OneerTM”?

Have you ever heard about OneerTM? Is this a technology or something else? 

OneerTM is an innovative technology for drinking water disinfection system which was developed by the Council Scientific and Industrial Research and Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR), Lucknow.

All disease-causing pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and cyst will be removed from drinking water making it safe for domestic use and for communities. This technique is useful for continuous treatment of water to meet National and International standards prescribed for potable water (WHO etc.). This technology was transferred to M/s Bluebird Water Purifiers on 17 October, 2018.

Let us tell you that Oneer smaller unit is particularly suitable for homes, street food vendors and small establishments.

According to CSIR-IITR, this technology will provide access to safe and clean drinking water at a cost of just 2 Paise/Ltr. We know that infection through drinking water results in an increase in morbidity and mortality, particularly amongst children. Therefore, this technology will be helpful for rural people since it can be solar-powered and the development is done under 'Make in India Mission'.

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About this technology

The technology is based on the principle of anodic oxidation. Through a chamber, raw water is passed and disinfection occurs with the help of singlet oxygen species which was generated at the anode.

Do you know why this technology has been named as Oneer?

The technology has been named as Oneer as ‘O’ for singlet oxygen species and ‘neer’ for water.

Features of OneerTM

A key feature of OneerTM technology is that purified water will retain all essential minerals and there will be no wastage as it happens in reverse osmosis (RO) based purifiers. Also, there is no need to add any type of chemical and water can be stored around 30 hours without the risk of any recontamination. It also consists of an in-built smart sensor system that will provide real-time information on all operational steps. Depending upon the quality of water it also provides an auto self-cleaning system after a fixed number of cycles.

According to Dr. Harsh Vardhan further added that the Community level model is of 450 LPH capacity which can be scaled up to 5000 to 1 lakh L/day; and is also maintenance and membrane-free.

Around per 5000 liters of water, this system will consume around one unit of electricity and can be operated with solar power as well. Also, the domestic model can be used at homes, street food vendors and small shops, while the community model is suitable for schools, hospitals, restaurants, railway stations, etc.

Therefore, we can say that OneerTM is a water purifier technology that can eliminate disease-causing pathogens and provide safe drinking water as per national and international standards.

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