What is Project 73 of India to tackle China?

Between the growing tension in India and China, India has started construction of 73 roads on the border with China, in which 27 roads will be constructed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and 46 roads by the Defense Ministry. Therefore, the construction of these 73 roads by India has been named Project 73. The construction of 30 roads of this project has been completed.
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As everyone knows that China is trying to surround India from all directions. This is the reason China is giving a lot of attention to economic and political relations with all the neighboring countries of India. All military conventions made with neighbours of India are known as "Strings of Pearl".
Due to the latest stand-off between India and China, India is working on 73 roads in the border areas of Indo & China. The Project 73 will provide edge to the Indian army during any war like situation with China. So 'Project 73' launched by India to tackle security threat from China.
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What is Project 73?

India and China share a 3,488 kms wide border area from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. India has been building 73 roads along with the China border to retaliate properly in the possible war between these two nations.
Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiran Rijiju informed the Lok Sabha on July 18, 2017 that 46 roads would be constructed in the border areas by the Ministry of Defense, while 27 roads would be constructed by the Home Ministry. He said that the construction of 30 roads on the border has almost been completed. Although all these roads were supposed to be completed by the year 2012-13.
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on the delay of the project Rijiju said that the area is at very high altitude, dense forests, inaccessible roads, natural calamities, delay in forest clearance / environmental clearances, and problems in land acquisition etc. are the basic reasons behind the delay of the project. However some projects whose deadline was 2024reduced to 2020.
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"Tasking" is the last village of India is about 8,000 feet above from sea level. This Indian village is the nearest place which touches the border of China-India. The government of India plans to provide 12 months road connectivity to this village. So far the helicopter is used to send troops in this area. But if project 73 is completed on time then this border village will be accessible to Indian army at the time of requirement. Hence Indian army will be able to send food and arms & ammunition during war like situation.
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The Minister Rijiju said that a number of steps have been taken to accelerate the road projects, such as a high level authority committee headed by the Union Home Secretary has been set up for regular review and monitoring of the progress of border infrastructure projects.

In this way it can be said that India is ready to face every challenge of China. India is taking care of every required improvement to maintain the balance of power on the Indo-China border.
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