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What is the chemical composition of Sweat?

11-JUL-2018 17:46
    What is the chemical composition of Sweat?

    Everyone sweats isn't it! Basically, sweat is water. It is our body's natural cooling system. In scientific form we can say that sweat is perspiration.

    Do you know that our body consists of around 2.6 million sweat glands and in the hot environment we can produce up to 3 litres of sweat in an hour? There are several factors that cause sweating. But do you know the chemical composition of sweat or the chemicals of which sweat is made up of. Let us study through this article.

    What is Sweat?

    Sweat is produced by the skin in the form of liquid to regulate the body temperature. It is the part of the excretory function of the skin and is important to maintain the homeostasis.

    Do you know what is homeostasis?

    The body maintains a stable internal environment and this process is known as homeostasis. The internal environment is composed of several factors like pH, temperature and energy production. We know that the normal temperature of the body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature of the body increases, to maintain it, body releases sweat.

    Why People Sweat?

    We know that evaporation of water makes the body cool. So, this is the main reason of perspiring and the main component of perspiration is water. Also, through it toxins and waste products of the body are excreted. Now, let us study the chemical composition of sweating.

    We can also say that when the average temperature of about 98.6 degrees is crossed by the body, the brain becomes uncomfortable and send message to the sweat glands to produce sweat. There is no chemical formula of sweat.

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    Chemical Composition of Sweat

    What is sweat

    Source: www.quora.com

    Sweat is made up of several chemicals mainly consists of water, minerals, lactate, and urea. The mineral composition is:

    - Sodium (0.9 gram/l)

    - Potassium (0.2 g/l)

    - Calcium (0.015 g/l)

    - Magnesium (0.0013 g/l)

    Some traces of metals that the body excretes in sweat are:

    - Zinc (0.4 milligrams/l)

    - Copper (0.3–0.8 mg/l)

    - Iron (1 mg/l)

    - Chromium (0.1 mg/l)

    - Nickel (0.05 mg/l)

    - Lead (0.05 mg/l)

    The usual smell associated with sweat is produced by bacteria that break down sweat into some acids, causing said smell. In mammal's body system, sweating is a natural occurring phenomenon. In our body, water and sodium chloride i.e. salt that come out via sweat glands are already present inside us. Everyone sweats differently and even our own sweat sometimes differs from time to time.

    Therefore, we can say that sweat is also known as perspiration and it is mainly made up of water and salt but contains some traces of minerals.

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