What Is The “Coup” Against China’s Xi Jinping? Three Important Questions Answered Here

Ever since China’s President Xi Jinping has returned from Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), he has been away from the public eye. This very fact, in collaboration with other events in the country, is raising speculations over social media. While nothing is officially proved, find the possibility of some of the important questions regarding the rumors.
What is the Coup in China?
What is the Coup in China?

Rumors around the house arrest of Chinese president Xi Jinping and claims regarding the disposal of China’s president have been gaining immense buzz over social media. The speculations started when Jinping was speculated to be missing from the eyes of the public after his return from Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in Uzbekistan. The meeting was the president’s first official foreign visit since the Covid-19 pandemic outburst.


While the rumors are mounting, the Communist party, the ruling party of China, chooses to stay mute on the issue. Not to miss, their social media handles do not show any concerns over the issue, as if nothing has happened at all. On October 16, Jinping is expected to secure a third term, making him the most powerful leader of China.


Claims Regarding The Coup In China


Question 1: Is The House Arrest Speculation Right?


Claims of Xi Jinping’s being under house arrest got heated post the president’s visit to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.





While the rumors were touching the sky and the populace was looking for answers, experts dismissed the claims with the rationale that there is a possibility that the President is under quarantine as per China’s rigid zero-Covid policy that makes it a mandate for every individual entering the country from abroad to undergo quarantine.


Question 2: What About The International And Domestic Flight? Are They Canceled?


Amidst the house arrest rumors over the internet were claims and strong beliefs that there were only a few passenger flights going in and out of Beijing, along with the cancellation of trains and buses. However, if one looks at the Beijing Capital International Airport’s official website, some flights were canceled while many others were scheduled. 

A fact that bursts all these speculations is that the Covid pandemic has drastically diminished the flight traffic and it has not reached the pre-pandemic levels yet.



Question 3- What Is The Scenario In China For The Last One Week?


While the ruling party carried forward its anti-corruption campaign firmly initiated by President Xi Jinping, two former ministers had been sentenced to death, while four officials were sent to jail in the country. This very incident and the dismissal of officials highlights the strong influence of the Communist Party and Xi Ping on the country’s politics.

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