Republic Day 2023: What Is The Difference Between Flag Unfurling and Flag Hoisting?

Have you ever wondered why the tricolor is unfurled on Republic Day and hoisted on Independence Day? And what exactly is the difference between unfurling and hoisting? This article will clear your doubts.
Republic Day 2023: What Is The Difference Between Flag Unfurling and Flag Hoisting?
Republic Day 2023: What Is The Difference Between Flag Unfurling and Flag Hoisting?

Every year on the 26th of January, India celebrates Republic Day. It is a national holiday in India that marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950, replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India.

This is a significant day that marks the transition of India to a republic with a democratically elected government and a written constitution. It is a day to celebrate the country's Constitution and the values it represents, such as democracy, secularism, and unity.

The celebration of Republic Day is marked by a grand parade in the capital city of New Delhi, which is attended by dignitaries from various countries, as well as a large number of citizens. The parade features a display of India's cultural and military heritage. There are colorful floats that represent the different states and cultural groups of India. In addition to the parade, there are also cultural programs, patriotic songs and speeches, and other events across the country to mark the occasion. The President unfurls the Indian flag, ‘the Tricolor’ on Rajpath, New Delhi.

Have you ever wondered why the term “flag hoisting” is used on Independence Day and “flag unfurling” is used on Republic day? 

Flag hoisting and flag unfurling are two different techniques used to display a flag. In this article, we will take a look at the differences between flag hoisting and flag unfurling. 

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Difference between flag unfurling and flag hoisting

Flag unfurling refers to the process of unfurling or unveiling a flag that has been folded or rolled up. This is typically done by attaching the flag to a rope and then pulling the rope to unfurl the flag. This process is often used for large flags that are too big to be hoisted up a flagpole, or for flags that are being displayed indoors or in a parade.

Flag hoisting, on the other hand, refers to the process of raising a flag up a flagpole or mast. This is typically done with a flagpole halyard, which is a rope or cable used to raise and lower the flag. The flag is attached to the halyard and then pulled up the flagpole to the top. This process is often accompanied by a flag-raising ceremony, in which a military or civilian honor guard raises the flag while a band plays the national anthem. 

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Additionally, the placement of the flag reveals the major difference between unfurling and hoisting. On Independence Day, the national flag is raised, tied, and placed at the base of the pole. The tricolor is then raised and hoisted by the prime minister in recognition of the current historical occasion. 

On Republic Day, however, the flag is raised and tied at the top of the pole, not closed. It is unfolded by the President without being pulled (since it is already at the top).

To sum up, the national flag is hoisted on Independence Day by the Prime Minister. It is pulled from bottom to top and then tied. On the other hand, the national flag is unfurled on Republic Day by the President. Since the flag is already at the top, it is only unfurled (unfolded).

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What is the meaning of flag hoisted?

When the flag is raised from the bottom of the pole to the top, it is said to be hoisted.

Who unfurls the flag on Republic Day?

The President of India unfurls the flag. This year, on the 74th Republic Day 2023, President Droupadi Murmu will unfurl the Tricolor on Rajpath, New Delhi.

Why is flag unfurled on Republic Day?

Since India was an independent nation when Republic Day was first celebrated, there was no need to raise the flag from the bottom. Hence, the national flag is only unfurled by the President.
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