What is the Mahadev App Scam? Why is Actor Ranbir Kapoor Under ED Scanner? Here is the Situation Explained

The Mahadev App has allegedly earned Rs 5,000 crore through the scam, leading the Directorate of Enforcement to hold a rigorous investigation into the matter. The ED radar is not only on the company but also on notable Bollywood celebrities. For instance, the ED's summon of popular actor Ranbir Kapoor is gaining highlights, What is the Mahadev App Scam? What does the investigation of the ED say, and why are Bollywood celebrities under the ED scanner? Here are all your questions answered!

Astha Pasricha
Oct 4, 2023, 20:47 IST
What is the Mahadev App Scam? Why is Actor Ranbir Kapoor Under ED  Scanner? Here is the Situation Explained
What is the Mahadev App Scam? Why is Actor Ranbir Kapoor Under ED Scanner? Here is the Situation Explained

In an attempt to dig deep into the matter and enhance the investigation surrounding the Mahadev app matter, the Enforcement Director (ED) has issued a summon for popular Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor for the 6th of October. Not only Ranbir but various other Bollywood celebrities could be connected to the case. What exactly is the matter and how did it start? What is the scam all about and how is Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor under suspicion? Here are all the questions answered, one by one.

Firstly, let us begin by understanding the Mahadev app and the people behind it.


The Mahadev App 


Promoted by Ravi Uppal and Sourabh Chandrakar (28), the Mahadev app reportedly provides an online platform for illegal betting in multiple live games such as badminton, tennis, card games, poker, cricket, and more. For the last four years or so, these have been operational.

It is from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh that the promotors of the company come from. The Mahadev online book betting app is actually an umbrella organization that arranges online platforms that further enable illegal betting sites.

The enrollment of new users and allegedly laundered capital is done by the online app via a web of Benami bank accounts. Allegedly, the betting options, lotteries, and games were manipulated in a way that the company always "gained" while the players "lost" the money almost all the time.

Allegedly, the company has gained approximately Rs 5,000 crore till now via the scam. 

The allegations do not end here. It is further alleged that the owners of the Mahadev online betting application could be having links in Pakistan. It is also alleged that the company may have links with hawala operations and local businessmen, as stated by the Enforcement Directorate.

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This is what the Enforcement Directorate Investigation says


The grand Rs 250-crore wedding of Sourabh Chandrakar in the United Arab Emirates prompted an investigation. That is when the investigators got the know the details of the hawala operations along with their alleged ties with Pakistan and UAE.

At least seven FIRs relating to the matter were clubbed by the ED. These FIRs were filed by the victims of the scam who lost a lot of their money through the scam. The FIRs were filed across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chhattisgarh, Visakhapatnam, and Goa.

Approximately eight international hawala operators are currently falling under the radar for laundering money to Pakistan and Middle Eastern nations by means of operating a similar portal. It is alleged that Chandrakar, along with his associates made use of approximately 70 shell companies to launder money to the offshore accounts.

The Directorate of Enforcement is currently looking at options to get cooperation from international agencies so that legal action can be taken against the owner of the app. At present, the app owner is in UAE.

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Why has the Directorate of Enforcement summoned Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor?


The probe by ED says that Ranbir Kapoor was actually paid by the Mahadev application promoters for endorsing their gaming platform. Allegedly, the payment made to Ranbir Kapoor is actually the proceeds of the crime. The platform has also been promoted by the actor on various social media platforms and in advertisements.

Allegedly, Ranbir Kapoor has received payment from the app promotors for performing at the wedding of one of the app promotors.

Not only Kapoor, but several other Bollywood celebrities who attended the success party of the company last year or performed or simply attended the lavish wedding of Chandrakar in the month of February this year are currently under the scanner of ED.

“The celebrities accepted a huge amount of cash as remuneration for attending or performing at the wedding. The money is the proceeds of the crime and the celebrities are liable for taking the money. There are more than a dozen celebrities who participated in the wedding and they are seen in the videos,” expressed a senior in the ED.

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