What is the new beach shack policy of Goa?

When traveling in India, enjoying the beautiful beaches in Goa is a must. And what makes these beaches even more worthwhile are the beach shacks. What is the new beach shack policy approved by the government of Goa?

Astha Pasricha
Sep 24, 2023, 23:15 IST
What is the new beach shack policy of Goa?
What is the new beach shack policy of Goa?

Goa is a place that covers some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. These beaches are not just a delight to watch for the locals, but also  Recently, a policy that talks about the creation of temporary seasonal structures dedicated to the coming three tourist seasons.

The "Goa State Shack Policy 2023-2006" is the policy recently approved by the government of Goa for the creation of seasonal structures, such as deck beds, umbrellas, and beach shacks along the beaches for the upcoming tourist seasons.

Not only for the domestic but for the international visitors as well, the beach shacks have always been the top favorite. These shacks are actually designed out of eco-friendly raw materials, like wooden poles and bamboo.



How will the shack policy contribute?


The shack policy gives Goan unemployed persons to build and operate shacks across the beaches of Goa, for the temporary tourist season starting from September 1 to May 31st.

The shacks will be dismantled positively by June 10.

As per the policy, a total of 105 shacks are permitted in South Goa and a total of 259 shacks are allowed on the beaches of North Goa. The allotment of licenses for operating the shacks is done on the basis of the draw of lots, and only one shack will be permitted per family.

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Are there any alterations in the new policy?


The government put a contentious clause in the draft policy, which said that for the allotment of beach shacks, the age of applicants should fall between 18 and 60. This clause led to an outrage among the traditional stakeholders of Goa. The beach shack policies earlier contained no such clause, and thus, no such age bar.

The relaxation in the eligibility criteria is another novel aspect of the policy. This is an attempt to "encourage newcomers" in the trade. The government will be allotted 90 percent of the shacks to applicants with a minimum of one year of experience in running the shack. However, only 10 percent of the ones with no such experience.

One more interesting aspect of the new policy is that it makes it a mandate for the shacks to present Goan cuisine.

The "Digital Coast" is another novel aspect of the new policy. Through the "Digital Coast",  the shack allottees are going to be given the Point of Sale (POS) machines to foster digital transactions for the customers. 

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Are there some penalties too?


Yes. Earlier, the penalty for subletting a shack was Rs 10 lakh, but now it has been increased to Rs 25 lakh. In case a toilet is found to be "unhygienic", a fine of a total of s 10,000 is going to be levied.

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