What is Twitter Diplomacy? All about Twiplomacy's importance, advantages and disadvantages here

Twitter is the new tool for diplomacy now-a-days. Almost every world leader has his/her account on this social media platform. This has lead it to be a platform for soft diplomacy. Know all about Twitter Diplomacy or 'Twiplomacy '
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What is Twitter Diplomacy
What is Twitter Diplomacy

Why in News?

Diplomacy has evolved over time. The growing influence of social media in this field is now  visible. Most of the leaders, influencers, celebrities, journalists and opinion makers are present on twitter. It is a tool for global influence on which most state media and national media are available. 

Why is Twitter important?

  1. Twitter is currently  a tool for global communication. 
  2. It is a space for propaganda.  For example, the Chinese media is completely cut off from the world except for social media platforms like Twitter. Most of the Chinese propaganda is presented to the world through Twitter handles of various media houses there. 
  3. No one can twist or deny their statements once published on Twitter. There is no scope for anything otherwise there. 
  4. The diplomatic services of many countries use Twitter to communicate directly with the people and lend a more participatory character to foreign policy debates. Take a look at the details in the image shared below


What is Twitter Diplomacy?

  1. Twiplomacy, or Twitter Diplomacy is the combination of the traditional and digital diplomacy on Twitter.
  2. It happens when any world leader tweets about a global event or a new policy to be brought about.
  3. Various other politicians turn to the mainstream media to either reply to the tweet or defend it. Some also only give their opinion on the issue raised. All this adds to the online discussion that consequently shapes the public opinion.

Difference between traditional Diplomacy and Twitter:

  1. Traditional diplomacy is generally bound by decorum and formality while twitter diplomacy is not
  2. Twitter does not require any jaragon and or formal diplomatic channels for the leaders to view their opinion, whereas this is the basic requirement of traditional diplomacy. 
  3. Twitter diplomacy gives legitimacy to the informal exchange among the governments and citizens as well which traditional diplomacy lacks. 
  4. It also has the power to undermine and delegitimise the value of formal channels 

Examples of Twitter diplomacy:

  1. Recently world leaders thanked India for COVID 19 Vaccines. 
  2. The former secretary of USA openly denounced the Chinese activities on Twitter

Twitter diplomacy and India

  1. Twitter diplomacy is new to India. MEA was not prepared for Rihanna's tweet. When her tweet came, a new hashtag was started called India against propaganda. But since Rihanna was just an influencer and not any government official the country's ministry must not respond. 
  2. India's soft power would be benefited through Twitter which in turn would help its ascent on global platforms. 
  3. Even if India shifts to indegenous platforms it would not be able to stop the world's influencers from talking and would be cut off from the global sight. This would be economically harmful to our country. 
  4. India must instead try and use celebrity activism to its own benefits. Since this is the new normal now, India must avoid viewing the tweets as anti national. 

The UN has appointed various good will ambassadors and organizations of human rights defenders. This would help in bringing order to the world and society at large.

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What are the examples of Twitter diplomacy in regard to India?

Recently India has been thanked by the World leaders on Twitter for COVID 19 vaccine. This is a classic example of twitter diplomacy

What is the purpose of Twitter diplomacy?

Twitter diplomacy is easy, straight and requires no traditional approach. Its purpose is to strengthen the state, nation, or organization it serves.

What is twitter diplomacy?

Twitter Diplomacy is the combination of the traditional and digital diplomacy on Twitter.

Which country is Twitter's origin?

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service
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