What will happen if China invades Taiwan in the year 2026? Let's find out.

Amid tensions between China and Taiwan, what will happen in case China invades Taiwan in the year 2026? Let's check the possible repercussions.
What if China invades Taiwan?
What if China invades Taiwan?

It has been a very long time since Taiwan has been a matter of dispute between China and the United States.

The United States, albeit, claims that it is adhering to the One-China policy. The US has frequently hinted that it will safeguard Taiwan in case China invades Taiwan. The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a United States think tank, has, however, highlighted the probable effects through war game simulations. The report’s revelations are ready. Read on to know what the report says of the repercussions in case China invades Taiwan in the year 2026.



Military destruction of the three nations

In case China invades the island nation, Taiwan in the year 2026, the militaries of the United States, China, and Taiwan would drastically collapse. Ever since Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker of the United States made a visit to Taiwan, China has tried to showcase its military might to the world. While there are severe tensions surrounding the South China Sea, the invasion by the Chinese cannot be reversed.

A report named “The First Battle of the Next War” stated that the United States and Japan lose a myriad of ships, thousands of servicemen, and hundreds of aircraft. Such losses would cause great damage to the United States' global position, as per the report. Moreover, losses on the Chinese side can also not be overlooked. Around 3,2000 United States troops would be destroyed in just 3 weeks of the battle. However, on the other side, around 10,000 Chinese troops will be killed and the nation may lose about 155 combat aircraft, along with 138 major ships, as said by the report.


The success of the invasion

It was a total of 24 times that the Centre for Strategic and International Studies ran the war game simulation. Now, after so many simulations, can the question of whether the invasion will be successful or not be answered? Well, as per the report, the invasion by the Chinese ver Taiwan will not be able to succeed. The report, however, clearly illustrated that in case a warlike situation arises, it would have huge impacts on all sides.


The repercussions on the economy of Taiwan

The report highlighted an important point. It said that in case China invades Taiwan, the island nation would see its economy shambling. Post such a situation, the economy of Taiwan would be in a lack of basic resources and electricity.

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