World Emoji Day 2019: History and Things you need to know

World Emoji Day is celebrated in summers annually on 17 July to represent an idea or an emotion through an electronic means. Do you know who created Emoji first and when it was used? What are new features of emojis that are introduced this year? Let us find out!
Jul 17, 2019 14:06 IST
World Emoji Day

Emoji is a small digital icon becoming popular these days and no doubt is an integral part of our conversation. When we feel lazy or when we are at loss of words then we use emojis to express what we want to. For every feeling there is an emojis now. From the past years emojis have evolved. It not only expresses simple human feelings but more than that.

Let us see first history from where and how emojis have evolved and started.

World Emoji Day: History

The first emoji was created in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, an engineer working at Japanese mobile operator, NTT Docomo. Do you know that he first distributed the first 175 pixel emoji's. In Yahoo Messenger the oldest 'mainstream' emoji was used. In 2010, emoji made it to mobile operating system and from there it became widely available. 17 July date is chosen as World Emoji Day because 17 July is famously displayed on the Calendar Emoji.     

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Who gave approval to emojis?

A list of emojis are published and approved by the Unicode Consortium every year. When emojis are published, mobile operating system like Android and iOS introduce it on their platforms. Let us tell you that the Unicode consortium has members who vote and submit their opinion on the emojis for making it official. Members that are included: Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Google, Tinder and Twitter.  

Features of new Emojis released in 2019

Emojis new features

Emojis that are released this year is inclusivity. Emoji 12.0 consists of features that are gender neutral and more skin tones for users. Also, new list of emojis have representation for accessibility like mechanical arm and leg, ear with hearing aid, deaf person and person with probing cane. According to Google, it will introduce these new gender neutral emojis with Android Q later this year. On this day an interracial couple of emojis are made by Tinder.

Apple has also added the Ginger emoji with the release of Apple's iOS6. 70 new characters being added to the emoji palette to represent better vast demographic of users, including different ringtones and more expressions. To mark the World Emoji Day, Apple has released previews of number of new emoji which will be rolled out later this year. It also consists of a range of disability theme designs.

The preview's other new emoji depict guide dogs as well as a sloth, flamingo, butter and falafel.

Do you know which emojis are most used?   

An online portal named Emojitracker, tracks the used emojis on twitterand it shows the 'tears of joy' emoji tops the list. Report of Bobble AI says that above mentioned emoji and 'blowing a kiss' are the most used emojis in India. If you are confused and could not recognise what emoji is saying then you can simply copy and past the respective emoji on Google Search. Or you can also use Emojipedia to find out the meaning of different emojis.

So, now you may have come to know when first time World Emoji Day is celebrated and who made Emoji.

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