You are fit to be a detective if you can spot the fake doctor at the hospital within 4 seconds!

One of the three doctors in this brain teaser picture puzzle is fake. You will become a great detective if you can spot the fake. Take this brain teaser IQ test now.
Brain Teaser IQ Test - Spot the fake doctor in 4 seconds
Brain Teaser IQ Test - Spot the fake doctor in 4 seconds

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests are frequently used to identify whether a person has a high or low IQ. The test assesses a person's cognitive talents, which include the capacity to solve problems and think logically.

There are three kinds of IQ tests: verbal, nonverbal, and full-scale. These exams are frequently time-consuming and exhausting. Fortunately, brain teasers are an engaging and entertaining way to test your IQ. 

Brain teasers are most likely the most enjoyable and engaging technique to assess a person's logical thinking and problem-solving ability. And we have one waiting for you. Are you ready to test yourself and have a good time as well?

Let's get this party started. 

Brain Teaser IQ Test - Spot the fake doctor in 4 seconds

Take a look at today’s brain teaser picture puzzle. 


Source: Bright Side

Three men are in a hospital in this brain teaser photo puzzle. Two of the three men are actual doctors, while the third is a fraud. 

The task is to figure out which of the three is a fake. Can you find the phony doctor in the given time?

This brain teaser puzzle has a time constraint; you will get only 4 seconds to identify the fake doctor at the hospital.

Get ready, because the challenge is about to begin. Your time starts now. All the best!
While you peruse this particular brain riddle, here is a mind-boggling puzzle for you. 

Challenge your observation skills and find the royal musician’s lost harp within 7 seconds!

The solution to this brain teaser puzzle is provided at the end. Scroll down to see the solution.

Brain Teaser Solution

The third man is the fake doctor at the hospital. He does not have a name badge, and his eyes are also pretty spooky. Take a look for yourself:


Source: Bright Side

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