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MLT College (Manohar Lal Tekriwal College) is a premier institution for Boys & Girls and well known in the Koshi region for its value based education, quality teaching and discipline. Established in the year 1952. MLT College is a constituent unit of BNMU (B.N Mandal University), Madhepura. College is situated over 11.80 acres of land at the center of Saharsa District. College is registered under 2f & 12B of University Donation Foundation. In this college Co-education, Under Graduation in arts/Science and Post graduation Courses in History, Economics, English, Hindi, Maithili, Political Science and all subjects related to Science & Maths are available.

MLT College(Old name Saharsa College) was established on 2nd June 1952, in Which Rai Saheb Manohar Lal Tekriwal made a remarkable contribution. On his memory college was named MLT College from Saharsa College by decission of BNMU & State government.

At first the college was under Bihar & Bhagalpur University. Again in 1974 college was undertaken by State Gov. after becoming constituent unit of Lalit Narayan University.

The college has a glourious history which has inspired everyone to make this institute spread education around Koshi division of Bihar.




Affilliated to Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University, Madhepura, Bihar


Purab Bazaar Saharsa Bihar 852201 INDIA

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