Nalanda University (NU), Rajgir

  • Rajgir, Bihar
  • Estd: 2014
  • Approved By : Govt. of India

M.A. in Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative ReligionsApply Now

  • Duration 2.0 Years
  • Intake
  • Fees 1.35 LAC
  • Course level PG
  • Course Mode Full Time

Course Descriptions

Nālandā University in general and the School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy, and Comparative Religions in particular are about transcending geographical borders to share a new kind of international common sense and global responsibility. Nālandā is also about the gift of knowledge (ancient vidyā-dāna) that is meant to foster inspiration for a transformed global world rooted in cooperation and sharing -- knowledge must be spread, shared, and not just compounded or kept for oneself alone. Since its ancient inception, Nālandā has played a major role in sharing and exchanging knowledge across the globe. The actors who played a major part in these ‘exchanges’ were the Buddhist monks or teachers (ācāryas) Śubhākarasiṃha, Nāgārjuna, Atīśa, Nāgajñāna (a disciple of Nāgārjuna), his pupil Vajrabodhi, Amoghavajra (from India), Vajrabodhi’s disciple Huiguo (from China), Samantabhadra (from India or Śrī Laṅkā), Huiguo’s pupil Bianhong (from Java), and Kūkai (from Japan). Being a veritable cradle of Buddhist and Hindu learning, it was Nālandā that attracted such a great number of influential teachers and students from around India and the world. In accordance with this venerable heritage, the School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy, and Comparative Religions seeks to promote a fertile intellectual churning ground, where the students and teachers feel comfortable and become enriched to share knowledge and inspire one another.

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