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This college, established in 1885, owes its existence and extension to Raja Balwant Singh Ji of Awagarh who, by his munificence and love for spreading education amongst the masses, enabled the institution to grow as one of the oldest and biggest college of Uttar Pradesh. Today R.B.S. College has seven faculties - Arts, Commerce, Education, Science, Agriculture, Engineering & Technology and Management & Computer Application and five campuses three in Agra itself besides Bichpuri and Awagarh.The faculty of Engg.and Technology was established in 1996. We are committed to prepare students from all over the world for a competitive future in the business and computing world as managers and entrepreneurs.

It is the mission of APGE to provide students the education of superior quality that aims at preparing them for practical life. Our logic to exist as an institution is to prepare students intellectually, professionally, and socially to meet the demands of the 21st century.

The success in the 21st century comes to those who are innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers, right decision makers and skilled communicators. Therefore, we have aligned our curriculum to enable students to emerge as tomorrow’s champions of their chosen fields and leave their success stories for new comers. We offer students unique opportunities to develop their skills and to charter out academic paths that are specially tailored to their goals and interests.

Assisting them in achieving their goals is a very important aspect of APGE .Our academic and administrative staff are partners and advisors in the students’ journey to the excellence. Students may choose to focus on a single field of study, or combine a few to create a personalised major.

nalised major.

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