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University of Delhi

Master Of Science (Biochemistry)

Category: Science > Medical
Type: Full Time Residential
Level: Post Graduate Degree
Duration: 2 Year

Course Requirements / Eligibility

Subjects: M.Sc. (Previous) Examination Theory: Paper I Advances in Proteins, Enzymes and 3 60 Techniques in Biochemistry Paper II Advances in intermediary metabolism 3 60 Paper III Cell biology, membrane biology and 3 60 Immunology Paper IV Term paper and seminars on special areas - 60 not covered in the syllabus Paper V Introductory microbiology 3 60 Practical: Two sessions (Paper I and II) of eight hours 16 200 each with 60 marks for internal assessment and 30 marks for viva + 10 marks for laboratory note book. M.Sc. (Final) Examination Paper VI Molecular Biology 3 60 Paper VII Recombinant DNA Technology 3 60 Paper VIII Developmental biology 3 60 Paper IX Term paper and seminars on special - 60 areas not covered in the syllabus Paper X Microbial Genetics 3 60 Practical: Research project work throughout the year - 200 with 60 marks for presentation of research work and viva.

Course Intake


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