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CAT 2022 Percentile Predictor & Calculator

The CAT 2022 is one of the toughest MBA entrance exams in the country and gateway to premier B-schools of India i.e. IIMs. In total, around 2.2 lakh candidates compete each year to get one of the 5100+ seats offered in various PG Management Programmes offered by 20 IIMs. To succeed in such cut-throat competition, it is important for candidates and MBA aspirants to know how they stack against others and that can be done easily through CAT percentile predictor 2022.

CAT Percentile Calculator is an important tool in the arsenal of any MBA aspirant who is serious about appearing for CAT or any other MBA entrance test and is aiming for the top 30 MBA colleges of the country. CAT Percentile Predictor 2022 can help aspirants know their CAT Exam Result and at the same time know IIM College Result i.e. which B-school they might get admitted to, based on their CAT 2022 Result. Simply put, this tool is CAT Result Predictor and is developed by experts at to help candidates know their chances of getting into their dream B-school in advance before the results are announced.

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With lakhs of students competing against few hundred seats, candidates need to know exactly where they stand and which MBA colleges they may get a call-back from. Using Jagranjosh’s CAT 2022 Percentile Predictor, MBA aspirants will be able to estimate their percentile and thereby be prepared for the future outcomes and the formalities that go along with them in advance. The CAT Percentile Predictor 2022 tool will help you speculate from which IIM or other B-school you might get a call-back for GD/PI and WAT Rounds, based on your CAT score or CAT 2022 Result. To find out your chances, please register yourself for CAT 2022 percentile predictor.

What is CAT Percentile?

CAT 2022 is a highly competitive examination and therefore it uses the concept of percentile as opposed to percentage which is used generally in merit-based forms of selection. CAT 2022 Percentile is simply the relative score that indicates your rank as opposed to the rest of the CAT test takers for the particular year. Simply put, percentile denotes where do you stand against the competition; for instance, if your percentile is 97, your performance was better than 97% of the candidates who have appeared for the examination. So, in case of percentile, it is not only your performance against the total marks which is taken into account; but instead your performance in comparison to other test-takers.

How is CAT Percentile Calculated?

CAT percentile for CAT 2022 Exam is calculated based on a simple formula that helps us categorize a candidate on the basis of other candidates’ who score below him/her. The CAT Percentile Calculator provided on this page, enables you to understand your rank as compared to the other test takers. The formula which is used for this is as follows:

P = (R/N) × 100, Where,

  • P means Percentile
  • R means Rank of the candidate assigned based on the scaled CAT score
  • N means the Total Number of Candidates who appeared for the CAT 2022 examination

For instance: In case 1000 candidates appeared for the CAT Exam this year, and you managed to secure 2nd Rank among them; your percentile calculation formula would be as follows:

  • Percentile = (998/1000)*100 i.e. 99.98

Your overall percentile would be 99.98

CAT Score Vs Percentile for Top B-Schools

IIMs and other Premier B-schools admit students based on their CAT 2022 percentile and on the basis of their CAT 2022 Score. CAT Score is simply the total number of marks secured by the candidate in the examination. On the other hand, the CAT 2022 percentile denotes and the rank performance of candidates against other test-takers in the same exam session.

After CAT 2022 Exam, each IIM or B-school will release its cut-off which will be a percentile mark. Any CAT test-taker who scores marks above the set cut-off would be shortlisted and called in for further screening rounds. However, based on the trend seen during several previous years; the following co-relation can be found between CAT score and CAT percentile, especially when it comes to admission to Top B-schools in the country.




































*The above figures are estimation, not an actual representation

IIM Admission Criteria and Selection Process 2022-23

Getting Admission into an IIM or any other premier B-school is the first step towards a bright and illustrious career ahead for most MBA aspirants. But the journey for this begins with CAT 2022 examination and ends with clearing the selection or screening process and fulfilling IIM Admission Criteria notified by the respective B-schools.
As far as screening of candidates is concerned, each IIM sets a different CAT 2022 percentile cut-off on the basis of which test-takers are shortlisted for admission to the B-school. Typically, the General Category cut-off for top tier IIMs and B-Schools i.e. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow and IIM Kozhikode are above 95 percentile. This means that only those candidates who have outperformed 95% of the total test-takers are called in for further screening rounds.

Candidates who meet these basic cut-off criteria are then called in for further screening rounds which includes GD - Group Discussion, WAT - Writing Ability Test and PI - Personal Interview. During the final three screening rounds, along with testing candidates’ knowledge the IIM or MBA College also tests personality, intelligence, leadership qualities and communication skills. In addition to the CAT 2022 percentile and Screening Round scores, the institute also considers or allots significant weight to the Academic Record, Work Experience and Diversity related factors as well.

If we were to summarize the IIM Admission Criteria, candidates have to keep the following factors in mind as far as the selection process is concerned:

  • CAT Score / Percentile
  • Academic Scores
  • Class 10 Score
  • Class 12 Score
  • Graduation Score
  • Screening Rounds
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview
  • Written Ability Test
  • Work Experience
  • Diversity (Gender)


What is a good Percentile in CAT Exam?

A ‘Good’ percentile for CAT Exam can be different for different candidates, as it would depend on the B-school they plan to join. Typically, a 99.9+ percentile score is considered to be ‘good’ which can earn the candidate a call from premier B-schools such as IIMs.

Is 70 Percentile Good in CAT Exam?

CAT percentile score of 70 is cannot be termed as ‘Good’ in a competitive examination such as CAT. However, 70 percentile is an ‘Above Average’ score that can help the candidate get a seat in a good MBA Institute.

What score do you need to score above 95 Percentile in CAT?

CAT percentile score is a measure of your standing as compared to other test-takers; therefore it would vary every year. But, generally, a score of 95 to 100 can help you secure a 95+ Percentile in CAT Exam.

How accurate is CAT Percentile Calculator Tool?

Over the years, the CAT Percentile Calculator Tool has matured and become more accurate as more and more MBA aspirants use them to predict their percentile score in CAT 2022 Exam. Typically speaking, the prediction of CAT Percentile calculated by the tool range is accurate within 0.5%ile range for candidates scoring above 95% and above.

Is the CAT percentile predicted in decimal points?

Yes, CAT Percentile is predicted in decimal points. For Example 99.99 Percentile

What are the important inputs I will need to get my CAT percentile predicted?

To get accurate results from CAT Percentile Calculator Tool, you need to provide your overall expected score as well as the number of attempted questions. Some advanced tools also allow you to enter Section-wise expected scores and attempts to get a more accurate result.

Why should I use the CAT percentile predictor tool?

At the pre-exam stage, CAT Percentile Predictor Tool is a very important resource for aspirants to assess their preparedness. In the post-exam stage, the CAT percentile calculator helps students estimate their performance and understand which B-schools might accept their application for admission.

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