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What is the CAT Examination Format & Pattern?


CAT 2013 is to be conducted by IIM Indore from 16 October to 11 November 2013. Get your questions answered here.

CAT 2013: Test Duration and Pattern


IIMs have anounced registrations for CAT 2013. Registrations will begin on 5 August 2013. Examinations will be conducted in a test window beginning from 16 October and ending on 11 November 2013. Find the test duration and pattern details here.

Types and approaches to Vocabulary questions in CAT


There are many questions in CAT verbal Ability section based on knowledge of vocabulary. Read to know what should be the right approach to do well in this section and what are the kind of questions asked in this section

Crack Reading Comprehension in MBA Exams


Reading Comprehension is usually how the Verbal Ability section begins in a MBA Entrance examination. Read the article to get the expert tips to solve questions based on Reading comprehension correctly.

How is CAT Score Calculated?


Watch the video and find out how excatly the CAT Score is calculated. This will certainly assist in knowing the real way of score calculation and thus help in having a clarity over the performance

What is the Selection Process for CAT?


Before sitting in the CAT Examination, it is important to know the selection process of CAT. Watch the video and know about it in detail

How to Solve Parajumbles in MBA Entrance Examinations?


Parajumble questions are asked very frequently in the MBA Entrance Examinations. Find here the tip to solve Parajumble questions in the exams and score well

What is regular MBA?


A regular MBA programme is one which takes two academic years of full-time class work. The students in full time MBA course are provided with a detailed overview of how businesses work, across the board.

What is MBA?


Before sitting for MBA Entrance examinations, one should know what will be the results of their hard work. Watch the video to get the answer of a very basic and important question which is " What is MBA?"

What is the Eligibility Criteria for CAT Examination?


Over 2 lakh aspirants register for the CAT Entrance examination every year. Watch the video to know what is the Eligibility Criteria for the examination.

Required personality for MBA


What kind of Personality is preferred in MBA Institutes and colleges. It is crucial to be prepared with the right skills when you take part in the selection process. Watch the video and find out.

Common Admission Test (CAT) Exam Format and Pattern


CAT Exam has 2 sections with 30 questions each. Watch the complete video for an expert guidance on the format and pattern of the examination

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