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How to solve problems on Simple and Compound Interest: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This article takes you through some simple applications on Simple and Compound Interest. Such problems seldom appear in CAT, but it is necessary that a serious CAT aspirant should know the application of such concepts, if the need ever arises.

How to solve problems on rate change: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


The rate problems form a common frustration topic for many CAT aspirants. This comes as a general extension of the challenges that any word problem poses to students, but rate problems are particularly tricky at times. This article takes you through CAT level rate questions to show the intricacies involved in solving such problems.

Venn Diagrams: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


Venn Diagrams is a very useful concept for serious CAT aspirants. Every year, you will find around two to three problems based on this concept in Quantitative Ability section. One should remember that it is only a way of counting the elements in a set, but surely it helps during CAT.

Learn Polynomials for CAT Quantitative Aptitude


An algebraic expression is any expression containing only algebraic symbols and operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, non-zero division, extraction of roots etc. The simplest type of algebraic expression is a polynomial. This concept forms an integral part of the CAT problems and one should be conversant with the concept.

Learn the concept of Absolute Values: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


“Absolute values” is an important concept with respect to the CAT entrance. You will find a few problems that will involve this concept in some way or the other as a part of the CAT screening process. This is the first article on Absolute Values and explains the basics of the concept.

CAT Logical Reasoning: Interactive Quiz on Statements and Conclusions


An interactive quiz on Statements and Conclusions with 11 questions specifically made for CAT Aspirants. Practice and excel with

Mensuration Quiz: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This quiz covers the questions on Mensuration concept. CAT Exam usually has type of questions which involve application of more than one concept or chapter. Solving these questions becomes easier only when aspirants practice. Practice Mensuration Quiz with

Geometry Quiz: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


Practice with with questions on Geometry specially made, keeping previous year CAT Examination format in perspective.This will help you in finding out where you stand and how much more you need to practice.

Learn and Crack Problems on Number System: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


Number System concept is part of Quantitative Aptitude in CAT Examination. Crack Number System problems for CAT Examination by practicing with

Statements and Assumptions: Logical and Critical Reasoning in CAT


Statement and Assumption Questions are an integral part of Logical Reasoning/Critical Reasoning. The question may be asked in different formats but the essence of the question remains the same, it means, is the assumption used to answer, implicit in the statement? Or which of the given options (different assumptions) actually supports the conclusion given in the argument.

Cause and Effect Problems:Tips and Strategies to crack it in CAT Exam


This article deals with one typical fallacy known as – post hoc reasoning, also called the faulty cause and effect. Cause and Effect problems are a type of Critical Reasoning problem and arise from logical fallacies that may prompt the reader to arrive at a false answer. Specifically, the fallacy of false cause and its forms as non causa procausa and post hoc ergo propter hocare important for our discussion.

Tips to crack Reading Comprehension in CAT Examination


Read this article and find out the tips and strategies to crack Reading Comprehension passages in CAT Examination. It is one of the most scoring and easy to understand topics. This article will help in enhancing your ability to solve questions in CAT Examination.

Cracking Reading Comprehension in CAT Examination


This is Reading Comprehension is easy and scoring section, only when you know how to bring out the required efficiency. Lets discuss few of the tips which need to be followed while you attempt it in CAT exam.

Understand and crack Data Sufficiency in CAT Examination


This note is intended to familiarize you to the Data Sufficiency problems that have been an integral part of CAT exam for a long while. ‘Data’ is the plural of datumwhich means facts and evidence that serves as a basis for making an informed decision. The problems in this domain are generally based on basic Math, Logic and Analytical Thinking.

Problems on Profit and Loss


Profit and Loss is an essential part of Business Mathematics. From the CAT point of view these problems involve a lot of calculations and hence are time consuming. Students should look at the various kinds of problems that can be built on and around this concept.

Problems on Time and Work: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This article takes you through the problems of Time, Work & Wages. This is an important topic and CAT has given questions in the past exams, though as is the practice in CAT, the questions have not been directly based on the formulae.

Learn and understand problems on Relative Motion: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This article focuses on the concept of ‘Relative Motion Between Two Bodies’. Such questions have been part of the CAT paper and should not be neglected as they are really easy to score on.

Learn the concept of Simple Interest and Compound Interest and crack CAT Quantitative Aptitude


Interest is money paid to the lender by the borrower for using his money for a specified period of time.This article gives the basic fundamentals of Interest, specifically the Simple Interest and the Compound Interest.

Tips and Strategies to crack Critical Reasoning in Common Admission Test (CAT)


Critical reasoning is one of the most important sections in your paper and has been gaining importance with every passing year. We already have gone through some of the fundamentals of logic. Those fundamentals would be useful in this section as well.

CAT Logical Reasoning: Format, Syllabus and types of Problem


The Reasoning sub-section in CAT has experimented with a wide variety of problems since early 90s. On a broad level, this area of questioning in CAT has evolved to test the ability to think logically as well as analytically.

A Note on Base Representation Theorem to crack CAT Quantitative Aptitude


CAT Quantitative Aptitude section has been known to throw questions on base representation and change very frequently. Practice and learn with These are relatively easy questions once you know the procedure. This article details the procedure and state the generalization of the process.

Problems on Sets and Venn Diagrams: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This note takes you through the application problems that are based on Sets and Venn Diagrams. Some of the problems, though simple may be time consuming.

A note on Sets and its Applications: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This note takes you through the very basic facts on Sets and their applications. You will learn about Sets and Venn Diagrams.

Tips to learn Coordinate Geometry : CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This is an important topic from CAT point of view and usually you will encounter 2-3 problems based on this topic, which may be direct or indirect application of the concepts under this topic. This note takes you through the basics of Coordinate Geometry (except Circles, which is dealt in a separate note).

Application Problems on Allegations and Mixtures: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


CAT exam carries at least one problem on mixtures every year and hence is an important topic from preparation point of view. In this article, we intend to give you a flavour of the problems and also want to assure that the problems you may ultimately face may not be formulae driven at all.

Problems on Number Theory: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


Number Theory was developed to study the properties of integers and rational numbers. Much of it is motivated by finding solutions to problems involving unknown integers when certain restrictions are placed on the problem. Number Theory problems are frequent in CAT. Every year 2-3 questions are being set in the actual exam, and with the new online CAT they may carry more weightage as compared to other questions.

Problems on Mensuration: CAT Quantitative Aptitude


This article takes you through some application based problems on the topic of Mensuration. CAT usually gives two to three problems on this topic almost every year.

Learn Problems on Coordinate Geometry and crack CAT Quantitative Apitude


Coordinate Geometry is one of those topics which contribute very little in terms of problems to CAT exam, though it may be an important topic for some other prestigious MBA entrance exams. We still feel that the serious CAT aspirants should not leave the topic as it is very basic and more or less offers quite a formulaic approach to finding solutions to a large number of problems.

Crack CAT Quantitative Aptitude by learning the concept of Variation with Examples


This note focuses on the topic of Variation and its properties. Typically, you will find that very few problems on Variation have been part of the actual CAT exam in the past years and this trend may remain same in the near future, however it is an important algebra topic and serious aspirants should be well versed with the application of this concept in problem solving.

Learn Mensuration for CAT Quantitative Aptitude


Typical problems that have appeared in the past exams have, somehow, not been easy for the aspirants to crack though they have not been so difficult. Perhaps it is the time constraint that poses more problem than the question itself. We try to give you a wholesome picture of the topic and also help you gain critical exposure to see a variety of problems that you may encounter in the actual CAT.

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