Lager number of vacant seats found in higher secondary schools in Odisha

Published on: Aug 22, 2018 10:43 IST
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Around 85,732 empty seats in higher secondary schools in Odisha

Large numbers of vacant seats in Higher Secondary schools across Odisha has left the state government in a state of quandary. The seats still lie unoccupied even after the spot admission round. As per reports, private and self-financed higher secondary schools have the lion’s share of such vacancies. Data pertaining to the case points out there are 4,24,739 seats available across the three streams - science, arts, and commerce - in a sum total of 1,596 higher secondary schools in Odisha. After the spot admissions, the tally for the vacant seats stands at an astonishing 85,732.

According to the district-wise compilation of data, the situation is more appalling. For the Khurda district, 9,027 seats lie unoccupied out of a total of 36,502 seats. In the Ganjam district, 12,842 seats are vacant, while the Cuttack district alone has 4,054 seats available for the science stream (total: 11,872) and 1,888 seats for the other ones (total: 4,016).

"The trend to go for alternative courses has become very popular over the past two years and this is the reason for the huge vacancies. It is important for the state government to come up with innovative ways of imparting education and courses to attract students," said Ashish Padhi, an educator to The Telegraph.

Moreover, it was found that as many as six higher secondary schools in the capital city of Bhubaneshwar, all of them self-financed, have recorded zero enrolments for this academic year across all the three streams. Additionally, more than 70 such schools have seen less than 50 percent enrolment.

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