Central Govt Orders State Govt to Add Prevention of Food Wastage Chapter in School Curriculum, Check Details Here

Centre announces that the state govt must include the chapter on ‘Prevention of Food Wastage’ in the school curriculum. The government has also executed campaigns to spread awareness about food wastage among people with the help of the media. Check more details here. 

Updated: Dec 22, 2022 17:42 IST
Prevention of Food Wastage
Prevention of Food Wastage

School Syllabus: The Central Government urges the State Government to add a chapter on “Prevention of Food Wastage” in the school textbooks. This step has been initiated with the aim of spreading awareness among young students.

As per the official notification, the Parliament was informed about the matter on December 21, 2022, that the school curriculum must be edited by including the informative chapter on Food Wastage Prevention. 

Campaign for Prevention of Food Wastage

The Minister of State for Food and Consumer Affairs, Mr Ashwini Kumar Choubey stated that the government has also carried out publicity campaigns and events in order to make the public aware of the reckless food wastage.

These public campaigns were being executed through the use of powerful mediums like print and electronic media such as informing people by publishing newspaper articles as well as broadcasting information on television, radio, etc. 

Mr Ashwini made an official statement by replying in a written form that it is important to sensitize the masses all over the world about food wastage and adopt necessary measures in order to eradicate the problem.

Food Awareness Among Youth

The Minister Mr Ashwini further asserted that all State Governments/ Union Territory (UT) are advised to compulsorily make the addition of the chapter “Prevention of Food Wastage” in the syllabus of all school students.

This will eventually instil knowledge about preventive steps for food wastage among the youth of the nation. Sensitization is important so that students will be able to learn about the correct ways to reduce or avoid the wastage of food. This will not only help in saving food items but will also develop good qualities among young minds. 

FSSAI Initiative

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has introduced a social initiative known as “Save Food Share Food” also known as the Indian Food Sharing Alliance. This was launched with the goal of promoting the idea of food sharing among inhabitants. 

The scheme will help in encouraging food donation of surplus or extra food and this can reduce wastage. Food should be distributed to various food agencies and other stakeholders but should not be thrown away carelessly. 

FSSAI has also reported to the Food Safety and Standards (Recovery and Distribution of Surplus Food) Regulations, 2019 which includes the responsibilities of food donors and surplus food distribution organizations in such a way that the donated food items will remain safe for human consumption.

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