Delhi government admits in HC that 99-year-old school building is rickety and unsafe for kids

Published on: Aug 12, 2018 18:40 IST
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The Delhi government has accepted in front of the Delhi High Court that the 99-year-old building of a government school on the land belonging to the Ministry of Defence in Delhi Cantonment was ramshackle and very unsafe for children. The Delhi government's Directorate of Education (DoE), in an affidavit, has proposed that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) should pass a proposal to construct a new building on the land to run a funded school or it may hand over the complete possession of the land to the department for construction of a new school building.

The testimony was documented in a pending request by NGO Social Jurist in which it was affirmed that Rajputana Rifles Heroes Memorial Senior Secondary School in Delhi Cantonment, assumed control by the Delhi government since 1975 and getting 100 for each penny help from the state government was in a repulsive condition.

"Since the building is dilapidated and unsafe for the children, as a measure of abundant caution, the students of the school may be shifted or adjusted to nearby schools with the consent of the parents," it stated. The matter is scheduled to come up for hearing tomorrow before a bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon.

The DoE asserted that incompatibility to the court's July 13 direction, joint investigations were completed by the senior authorities of Ministry of Defense, DoE and others on July 23 and 25. It said that after the joint reviews, Garrison engineer of MoD featured that the school building was developed in 1919 and it has outlasted its helpful life and is unsatisfactory for residence from the following on finishing of 100 years.

Because of the state of the building, no significant repair or modification is prescribed to the building inferable from wellbeing issue. Indeed, even the building isn't agreeable with most recent codal arrangements set down for school, compositionally and fundamentally, by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Thus, working of the school from the present building is no prescribed, it said.

The DoE said the military architect administration takes the lease for the school building including the water and power charges from it for running the school. Advocate Ashok Agarwal, appearing for the NGO, had previously said that around 450 understudies are examining in the school and they have been shamefully denied of sufficient physical framework and scholarly personnel to teach them.

The plea has said however the school is open for all, it, for the most part, takes into account the offspring of workers of military authorities who are not in a situation to instruct their children in tuition based school. It has asserted that the school needs essential pleasantries, including consumable drinking water, practical toilets, science and PC labs, clean classrooms and appropriate limit divider and a few posts of encouraging staff are lying empty. The request of has looked for heading that the current working of the school is wrecked and remade as a condition of workmanship school.

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