Delhi Government Schools To Launch Mini Snack Scheme As Pre-Lunch Break

Delhi Government will introduce Mini Snack Scheme according to which government school students will be able to take mini snack breaks before lunch. Class teachers who maintain a record of the height & weight of every child will also be measuring the general health and presence of children in schools as per the rules laid by the Directorate of Education. 

Updated: Dec 21, 2022 18:07 IST
Delhi Govt Mini Snack Scheme
Delhi Govt Mini Snack Scheme

Delhi Schools Mini Snack Scheme: The Delhi Government took a decision regarding the problem of malnutrition in India. The ‘Mini Snack’ scheme will be launched keeping in view of the student’s health concerns. As per the official news, mini snack breaks will be provided to the government school students along with parents' counselling sessions in all Delhi schools. 

According to the official notice released by the Directorate of Education (DoE), schools have been advised to include a 10-minute mini snack break for students and revise the school schedule as per the scheme 2022.  

Delhi Schools Mini Snack Schedule

As per the mini-snack timetable launched by the government, the mini-break will be of 2.5 hours before the lunch break. Moreover, the schools have been asked to prepare a weekly planner of snacks which will involve three food choices to be offered to every school child every day. The diet chart includes food items like seasonal fruits, sprouts, salad, roasted chana, peanuts etc. Also, the planner will be displayed on the board in each class. 

Food items which are suggested or recommended should be cost-effective. All students are required to bring/ carry at least one food item which is mentioned in the meal weekly planner for a mini snack break.

Education Department Directives for Schools 

The head of the Delhi schools as well as Home Science faculty members will be supervising the right implementation of the mini snack planner during this school break. The Directorate of Education (DoE) issued a circular stating that in the evening shift, schools will provide mini snacks with low volume and high nutrition as preferred in the weekly planner. 

The education department has also issued directives in which it is announced that the schools will have to hold class-wise counselling sessions in consultation with home science teachers. The emphasis should be on the relationship between a healthy diet and its impact on a child’s performance in academics, attention span, physical activity, comprehension, and overall growth of children. 

Furthermore, it has been declared that the counselling sessions should also focus on encouraging the child’s parents and guardians to make low-cost and high-nutritive value food dishes at home as suggested by school teachers of the Home Science Department.

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