Delhi Govt celebrates Teacher's Day as 'Abhar Diwas', 122 Teachers Awarded their role during COVID-19 pandemic

Teacher's Day Celebration 2021: Delhi government celebrates Teachers' Day as ''Abhar Diwas'' and awards 122 teachers who diligently discharged their duties during the pandemic. Of the 1,108 applications received for the award, 122 were finalised by a panel. Get details here

Updated: Sep 6, 2021 11:34 IST

Teacher's Day Celebration 2021: As per the updates, the Delhi government celebrated Teachers' Day as 'Abhar Diwas' on 5th September 2021. A total of 122 teachers were award who diligently performed their duties during the COVID-19 pandemic. While performing these duties, the teachers also continued to teach children online and did not let their education stop. Earlier, the number of awards was 103, however, from this year it was increased to 122. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, "Teachers of Delhi have played an important role in the tough times of Covid. They have not only worked shoulder to shoulder with the administration but have also done remarkable work on the vaccination front, at quarantine centres, in distribution of food, mask enforcement and airport duty."

The face of DoE Award

A music teacher who recently created a world record for playing the sitar non-stop for over 32 hours and a maths teacher who helped students of Delhi government schools crack the IIT examination has been given the 'Face of DoE' (Directorate of Education) award. The music teacher with a Delhi government school, etched his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for playing. Whereas, the Maths teacher holds an M.Sc in Mathematics from IIT-Delhi and helped Delhi government school students crack the IIT examination.

Teachers of Teachers Award

Five teacher-educators from SCERT/DIET has been honoured as 'Teachers of Teachers'. Besides, two special awards has been given to Bharti Kalra and Rani Bhardwaj, who provided tablet devices to students and supported them in various ways during the pandemic so that they could continue with their studies.

Eligibility Criteria For the Award

The criterion for a teacher to have 15 years of teaching experience to be considered for the award has been relaxed to three years, he said. Of the 1,108 applications received for the award, 122 were finalised by a panel, he added. The shortlisted teachers will be awarded at a ceremony that will be held on Teachers' Day on Sunday. The application process for the awards in all major categories was conducted online. Teachers could directly apply online and heads of schools were required to verify the information and submit their comments online only within a stipulated time.

Application Statistics for Teacher's Day Award

The online and flexible application process, 1,108 entries were received for the award this year as against 234, 148, and 204 in the last three years, it said. Proportionate weightage was given to initiatives and performance of the applicants as a teacher or principal in the last three years for the award. Of the 80 awardees in the teachers' category, 57 are women and 23 men. Out of the 21 awardees in the principals' category, 13 are women and eight are men, it said, adding that awards will also be given to 14 sports teachers and two librarians.

The deputy chief minister appealed to people to call up at least one of their teachers on Teachers' Day and express their gratitude towards them. He said the Delhi government is proud of its teachers and the "revolutionary changes" in Delhi's school education, which are now being recognised globally, have come only because of them.

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