Delhi Nursery Admission 2021 Likely to be Scrapped as Schools Expected to Remain Closed until July - Get Details Here

Created On: Dec 23, 2020 10:08 IST
Modified on: Dec 23, 2020 10:08 IST
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Delhi Nursery Admissions 2021: As per the latest update, the Delhi Government is likely to scrap the Nursery Admission Process for Academic Session 2021-22 in the light of the COVID pandemic. Details available through media reports indicate that Delhi Nursery Admission 2021 may be scrapped as schools for nursery students are unlikely to reopen until July 2020. Media reports from leading agencies have claimed that officials from Delhi Government have finalised a proposed under which the centralized Nursery Admission process will be done away with for this year. The proposal is to be presented before to private schools.

Schools Unlikely to Reopen until July 2020

As per the details shared in the report, the decision to scrap or do away with the Nursery Admissions 2021 has been taken keeping in mind the prevailing COVID situation. In line with the situation, Nursery schools are likely to remain closed for a significant part of the next academic year. Media reports have suggested that it is highly likely that Nursery Schools may remain closed until July 2021 and in such case it wouldn’t be right to conduct admission process for nursery classes currently.

Speaking to media persons, a senior official said that “Considering the unpredictable nature of the Covid virus, the youngest children will be the last to go to school in any case. In such a situation, to have another set of young children whose entire academic year will be online is a little unfair to them as well as to their parents.” In the light of this, Nursery Admissions are likely to be scrapped this year.

Two Batches to be Admitted in 2022-23

The new proposal that has been worked out by the State Government proposes that with Nursery Admissions 2021 scrapped, schools will be allowed to admit two batches in the next academic session i.e. in 2022 – 23. Of the two batches being admitted, one batch would be for nursery class while the other would be for kindergarten. Next year, schools will be allowed to admit students to “in both nursery and kindergarten for the 2022-23 academic session, as there will be vacancies in both grades.”

Nursery Admission Process is held in a centralized manner in which the Delhi Government proposes the admission schedule as well as the eligibility criteria. Typically, the Education Department of Delhi government releases the guidelines for Nursery Admissions in November months; however, this year, owing to the pandemic, no such guidelines have been released, hinting at the possibility of scrapping of centralized admission process.

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