#EducationMinisterGoesLive Live Updates: JEE Main Exam from 19th July to 23rd July, NEET 2020 on 26th July 2020

Published on: May 5, 2020 13:27 IST
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#EducationMinisterGoesLive: Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank held a live webinar for students today afternoon at 12 PM. In the webinar, the minister addressed various queries of students, ranging from pending board exams to dates for national level entrance exams. One of the key announcements in HRD Minister’s Live Webinar was about JEE Main and NEET Exam Dates, which are now slated to be held in July 2020. During the webinar, minister also urged students to use the online learning platforms including DIKSHA, SWAYAM and others that have been developed by the MHRD to help students continue their learning processes at home. He also clarified that academic curriculum for next year has been curtailed and revised syllabus has been announced by the respective agencies.

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Live Update @ 12 55 PM: JEE Advanced in August

With JEE Main 2020 Exam delayed until mid-July, the following exam i.e. JEE Advanced will now be held in August 2020. IIT Delhi which is the organizing institute will provide details about dates and other aspects soon, confirmed HRD Minister.

Live Update @ 12:50 PM: NEET 2020 to be held on 26th July

HRD Minister also confirmed that NEET 2020 Exam will be held on 26th July 2020 by NTA. He also said that with nearly 17 lakh aspirants appearing for NEET 2020, the exam is very important for students.

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Live Update @ 12 45 PM: JEE Main 2020 Exam in July

HRD Minister confirmed that JEE Main 2020 Exam will now be held from 19th July 2020 to 23rd July 2020. The Minister confirmed that engineering entrance exams will be held in July and detailed exam schedule will be available soon on NTA website.

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Live Update @ 12:40 PM: Learning Material for Students in Rural Areas

Talking about ensuring the reach of learning material and other e-learning content to the students in rural areas, where internet connectivity is not that good, HRD Minister said that the ministry is co-ordinating availability of e-learning content via SWYAM Prabha - a television or DTH initiative can telecast educational content. The channel has been made available to DD, tata sky, airtel TV and other platforms. SWYAM Prabha Channel provides educational content for school level i.e. NCERT to college level curriculum.

Live Update @ 12:35 PM: On Availability of NCERT and CBSE Textbooks

Another student asked the minister about the lack of availability about NCERT textbooks and CBSE Board Textbooks. In response, Minister said that the Home Ministry has allowed stationary shops and shops selling educational books to remain open even during the lockdown. Therefore, availability of books should not be a problem. He also urged students to reach out to him and the ministry in case they are unable to find NCERT text book shops via twitter and other platforms.

Live Update @ 12:30 PM: Students in Hostels Safe

Addressing a question from student about safety of students who are currently stranded in hostels across educational institutions across the country; HRD Minister assured that such students are completely safe and sound. In terms of specific question about Navodaya Vidyalayas Hostels, Minister said that almost 80% of the students have already reached their respective homes and the ones that remain in hostels are being taken care of by the administration.

Live Update @ 12:20 PM: On Pending University Exams

Another query of a student was concerning the pending exams for degree courses for college and university students. Answering this query, HRD Minister said that to facilities conduct of examinations amid the uncertain situation due to COVID-19 lockdown, UGC has released detailed guidelines for colleges and universities. According to these guidelines, exams for final year students are scheduled to be held in July with new academic session beginning from 1st August 2020. For intermediate semesters, the result would be based on 50% weightage to prior exams and 50% weighage to current exams.

Live Update @ 12:15 PM: On Lack of Study Material

Addressing concern of students about lack of learning material and study material during the on-going pandemic and the school and college closure; HRD Minister said that students should DIKSHA portal which has a large repository of courses and materials available. He added that DIKSHA portal has over 80000 e-learning content or study material which should be used by students and teachers to pursue study from home.

Live Update @ 12:10: India in better position than world

HRD Minister began his address by saying that it is natural for students to be concerned and worried about their future in the tough and uncertain times that we face today in the light of Coronavirus pandemic. He expressed his gratitude towards students, academic community, teachers and others who have risen to the challenge.

Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank', at 12 PM today, will address a live Webinar for students where he will aswer the queries and concerns of the students with regards to their academic future. The Education Minister had announced the live webinar for students last week, in which he said he will be answering their queries. The minister had urged students to submit their queries and concerns, be it about pending exams or academic future or curtailment of the syllabus for the next year via social media platforms using #EducationMinisterGoesLive. Many students, since then, have reached out to the minister and put forth their queries, which will be answered today.


Dates for Pending Board Exams, JEE Main, NEET Expected

According to media reports, HRD Minister is also expected to announce dates for pending Board Exams as well as JEE Main and NEET 2020 Entrance Exams during the webinar. Although the ministry has not confirmed the development, media agencies have reported that the minister will announce the future course of action with regards to the pending CBSE Board Exams 2020 and other board exams tomorrow in the live webinar. In addition to this, he is also expected to announce dates for JEE Main 2020 Exam and NEET 2020 Exam, which are two national level entrance tests for engineering and medical programmes respectively.

Similar Webinar for Parents Held Earlier

Earlier, HRD Minister also held a similar live webinar to address queries of parents, who were worried about the academic future of their kids during the on-going lockdown and the era after COVID-19. In that webinar, the minister clarified a lot of things including addressing queries of the parents about the payment of fees and other similar concerns. He also urged parents to use digital platforms and mediums that have been launched by the HRD Ministry to help students pursue their studies at home during the lockdown period.


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