Fee Regulatory Committee releases fee structure for 360 schools in Ahmedabad

Published on: Sep 11, 2018 11:18 IST
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The Fee Regulatory Committee, Ahmedabad Zone released the final fee structure for 360 schools. As per the list, it has been observed that the FRC has increased the provisional fee structure of 15% schools, while it reduced the provisional fee of 18% schools after the management agreed to reduce the fees. As per the list, the highest fee declared was that for Mahatma Gandhi International school Mithakali, operating on a building owned by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation School Board.

The fee in HSC for the for Mahatma Gandhi International school Mithakali was finalised at Rs 2.25 lakh as against the demand of Rs 2.63 lakh. The school the fee for class V and Class X had demanded a total fee of 1.46 lakh which was fixed at 1.23 lakh. It has been reported that the provisional fee declared was only Rs 55,500. The Fee Regulatory Committee has not declared the final fee for around 131 schools. The committee has released the fee for 360 schools of which 66 schools has agreed to charge fee less or equivalent to the cut off declared by the Government.

According to the data submitted by the Times of India, the center had fixed a cut off for pre-primary and primary schools at Rs 15,000 per annum, secondary schools (Rs 25,000) and higher secondary schools (27,000) and for higher secondary schools offering science subjects (Rs 30,000).

A movement was started in which it was stated that fees will be reduced but now, after the formal announcement of the final fees, it has been observed that the fees at most of the colleges has been increased. However, the schools still have one more window that is the FRC state level where they can go in an appeal against the final fee declared by FRC of Ahmedabad zone. As per the reports, the officials have stated that of the remaining 294 schools, there was a drastic change in fee structure of 55 schools as against its provisional fee, while in another 66 schools there was a drastic reduction in the fee structure. Interestingly the major fee structure increased as compared to provisional fee was in Ahmedabad Rural and city.

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