Frequent changes in education sector become cause of concern in Bihar

Published on: Aug 10, 2018 10:13 IST
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Recurrent changes pertaining to the field of higher education in the state have drawn the ire of academics and people alike, who are of the view that such experiments hamper the growth of education, as well as account for unnecessary difficulties for young prospects. One of the examples cited proving the uncertainty of these decisions was the changing of UGC rules. Previously, they said, the body had disallowed retired teachers from mentoring prospective Ph.D. students. But now, it has tendered a new rule that allows such teachers to carry on research till the ripe old age of 70.

Satya Pal Malik, Governor-cum-Chancellor of the state, had approved of the move to instated from the current academic year. Keeping in tandem with the assent, Patna University (PU) had conducted its pre-PhD test with the revised regulations, keeping those who had already retired or were about to retire in the coming two years, out of the fray. The new rule then came up before the university could compile the list of those who had made it in.

“Instead of changing the guidelines for Ph.D. work every now and then, the UGC and both the central and state governments should devise ways for selection of qualified teachers in all the institutions of higher education”, said PU geology teacher and JD(U) MLC Ranbir Nandan.

Universities and colleges in the state barely provide any incentive for the better teachers, and even the premier institutions like the IITs are failing to provide any remarkable success in research as well, he added, advising that it would do everyone better if the onus was on providing good, quality teaching instead of taking half-hearted measures. Nandan was also supportive of the previous way of getting on board previous university toppers as ad-hoc teachers by the vice-chancellor as this meant there was no dearth of teachers. However, now virtually every department is falling short of teachers, further degrading the quality of education imparted to the students.

Presently, the student is required to devote seven (or more) years in his master’s course, in addition to completing his/her Ph.D. and clearing the UGC-NET test, to be considered for employment as a teacher.

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