GNDEC students in Ludhiana stage protest against PTU’s marking system

Published on: Sep 12, 2018 11:50 IST
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The students of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC) in Ludhiana joined hands and staged a protest yesterday alleging discrepancy in the relative marking system of the Punjab Technical University (PTU). They also stated that they were facing difficulties in placements, too, and gathered in the campus to raise slogans against the university vice-chancellor.

As per the woes of the students, the vice-chancellor has turned a deaf ear to their queries regarding faulty marking system despite constant requests to look into the matter. According to them, the university had, for three semesters, been declaring results as per the relative marking systems, which was catastrophic. PTU has since changed to an absolute marking system.

“But for those three semesters, our mark sheets have been ruined. Even if a student scored 70 per cent, his/her SGPA has been marked as 5 or 5.5 due to relative marking system whereas it should have been 7 or above. This is simply not acceptable because we are facing trouble in sitting for placements. With less marks that too just because of PTU’s faulty marking system, our future has been put at stake. V-C is not listening to the demands of students. Final year students are specially facing more trouble because they have to sit for placements,” said a protesting student.

The students claim that their overall percentages have decreased because of the flawed marking system, thereby affecting their overall performance. Due to this, some of them will not even be eligible for government jobs, as their overall percentage slipped below 60% (which is the norm). Now, they are asking for the results of the three semesters to be released once more, this time using the absolute marking system.

The principal of the college, Dr Sehijpal Singh, remarked that the relative system for marking was used for three semesters in 2015, but was discontinued later. “While some students who were weak in studies cleared exams because of it, others who were expecting higher marks were disappointed. We have written to PTU that students are demanding results of three semesters to be declared again but if it is done, then some students who passed on borderline will fail. We are trying to find a solution,” he said.

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