Gujarat Board Exam: Mass Cheating in Ahemadabad, Students attempted same questions and made same mistakes

Published on: Jul 17, 2019 18:26 IST
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Gujarat Board Exam: Education has been in the top most agenda for the government. All the state governments and the central government have been trying its best to improve the quality of education as well as the reach of education to as many as possible. There are concerns over the exam conduction as every now and then, we come across the news of cheating and copying. There has been growing concerns over making the exam fair and impartial to the students who appear for it. Efforts have been made in this direction, but, needs more of similar efforts.

In a recent news, it has come to notice that mass copying has taken place in the Gujarat board exam. The alleged mass cheating has taken place during the class 12 board exams in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Going into the details, it came to notice that as many as 959 students of class 12 were involved in the mass cheating. The mass cheating has not come to the notice of the authorities very soon but it came to the surface when it was observed that all the alleged students had attempted the same questions and interestingly all of them had made the same mistakes. The news has left everybody in shock.

The board has claimed that it has made all the arrangements to check the cheating incident in the state during the board exams but with this incident coming into the notice, all those claims have been of no substance. On getting revealed the incident of mass cheating, the results of the alleged students have been withheld till 2020. Apart from that, the students have been failed in the subjects in which they have copied. The subjects that have seen supposed to have mass cheating are Economics, English Literature and Statistics.

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