IBM chief Ginni Rometty says Indians lack ‘Employability Skills’

Published on: Mar 14, 2019 11:48 IST
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IBM chief Ginni Rometty has said that Indians lack the specific skill sets despite a significant increase in the new-age jobs in the market. She has also urged all the stakeholders to look at education beyond merely obtaining or awarding academic degrees. Her remarks have also been corroborated by several other tech leaders, both domestically and internationally. She further added that the problem is a global problem and not something that is limited to Indian shores. The USD 180-billion domestic software industry directly employs over 4 million.

Speaking at a company conference on Wednesday, Ms Rometty remarked  “In India, you have the same issues. Open jobs, (but) no matching skillsets”. Explaining her statement, she added “"You have got to believe in a few different things than I think you believed in the past. One is to believe that skills are perhaps more important than a degree”. Rometty’s remarks come amid reports of rising unemployment rates among qualified engineers and business managers in India. She also said that even those professionals who are hired for entry-level positions are often paid much lower remuneration due to their lack of employable skills.  

Engineering, B-school Graduates Unemployable

According to a data compiled for February by CIME – a private economic think tank, as many as 31.2 million youth are actively looking for jobs in India where over 60 per cent of the 1.35 billion population are under 35. The report also highlights that nearly three-fourth of the millions of engineers and B-school graduates are ‘simply not employable at all’. This also showcases the dismal state of the quality of academics as well as the process followed for admission to higher educational institutions in India.

Nature of Tech Jobs to Change

Commenting on issue of tech killing-off jobs, Ms Rometty also said in the near future, the nature of IT and Tech jobs will undergo change. The perception that there are fewer jobs available because of the development of technology doesn’t hold true, as several jobs have come up in the space of new and evolving technologies. She said that in the new tech-enabled world, there are few people who possess the right skill-set to work with new technologies while a majority doesn’t. Businesses and Governments have to work together to find solutions that can help bridge this gap.

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