IIM Calcutta launches SURGE Entrepreneurship Programme in association with HUGHES Global

Created On: Oct 1, 2019 19:40 IST
Modified on: Oct 1, 2019 19:42 IST
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IIM Calcutta launches SURGE Entrepreneurship Programme:

IIM Calcutta launches SURGE Entrepreneurship Programme: India’s premier B-school IIM Calcutta and its IIM Calcutta Innovation Park has launched a unique Entrepreneurship Programme for young Entrepreneurs in India. Titled SURGE i.e. ‘Startup Readiness, Growth and Education’ – the entrepreneurship programme has been launched in association with Hughes Global Education India - a major provider of interactive online learning platform.

Online Course for Budding Entrepreneurs

SURGE Programme has been specially tailored for young entrepreneurs, who have just started or are about to start their own business. The programme will be delivered through the Hughes India interactive online learning platform. The programme has been designed to help budding entrepreneurs manage their businesses in the early phases.

Designed to Develop Entrepreneurial Mind-set

SURGE programme is a 6-month course that will help young entrepreneurs develop the right perspective and mind-set to build a successful business venture. As part of the programme, participants will be required to build a ‘capstone project’ in which they will design their business plan using different tools, concepts and modules covered in the course. At the end of the training programme, participants will have to present their business plan before a panel, which would include potential investors and venture capitalists.

Programme to arrest failure of Young Businesses

Talking about the launch of SURGE Entrepreneurship programme, IIM Calcutta’s Prof Suren Sista said that the need of such training was felt because of the high failure rate of start-ups and young businesses in India. He said that despite the growth in number of entrepreneurial ventures being launched in India, very few actually manage to succeed. Rest all fail because of some very avoidable mistakes. SURGE programme will train students to avoid making those mistakes and help them build a successful business plan that is founded on basic tenets of business. The programme will offer a 360 degree view of entrepreneurship and help participants develop strategic look for managing and solving business problems.

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