Meet IIMC topper Anurag Sharma, a Science student who loves writing

Published on: Aug 2, 2018 12:43 IST
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IIMC topper Anurag Sharma exclusively in conversation with jagran josh

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), one of the most reputed media institutes, has declared the final result of the Post Graduation courses of the 2017-2018 batch. Amidst many Journalism and Mass Communication aspirants, arose a topper who not only bagged the first rank in his own English Journalism course but also secured the highest percentage amongst all the students of IIMC. Anurag Sharma from the IIMC Jammu branch has secured All India Rank 1 in the final examinations of IIMC 2017-2018 batch. Despite coming from a Science background, Anurag Sharma never had a knack for H2SO4 or gravity. All of his energy was directed towards writing. His love for the English language and writing developed at a very young age. After successfully completing his graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from MAIMS, Rohini with flying colours, Anurag Sharma decided to pursue his Post Graduation in English Journalism from IIMC.

Jagran Josh got to know more about this topper when Shruti Niraj from our education news team interacted with him after his achievement.

Q. Why did you choose IIMC and English Journalism course in particular?

A. Well, Journalism has always been my area of interest and after completing my graduation, I thought of getting a specialization in it. The IIMC has always been the best college for an aspiring journalist, and that was the driving factor behind me choosing it to pursue my post graduation.

Q. Did you feel any difference between the students from regional centers and students from the Delhi branch?

A. In a way, there was not much of a difference between the two, and the only difference I found was the difference in terms of the locations of the different centers. The similarity was made more evident by the combined placement session that took place in February, as we all gathered and interacted under a common roof. Coming to the academics, I found the regional centers suited to my type as each and every student was made accountable for his/her work, and the teachers were able to concentrate on each of us individually.

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Q. Who would you like to credit your success to?

A. My parents. They have been a constant support and were really considerate of me since this was the first time I was living away from my home. My best friend too has been a motivator and has helped with numerous suggestions and words of advice whenever I was in any dilemma. I guess I am lucky to have such good people around me.

Q. What was your strategy and how did you prepare for the examination?

A. There was no strategy as such. In both the semesters, I had earmarked the easier subjects of the lot and made up my mind to score as much as I could in them. For the difficult ones, I turned to Google and my notes and made the best of them. The real challenge, however, was to keep up with the schedule of the examinations, which were slotted continuously in a matter of four days.

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Q. Did being from journalism background help?

A. Yes, it was indeed of great help. I found the curriculum to be very similar to the one that I had during my graduation. Some of the subjects were even exactly similar to the ones I had studied before! So, yes, it really helped that I had a journalism background.

Q. What's next on your agenda?

A. I'd like to work at an established organisation for now. I wish to get some work experience on board, while at the same time, I am looking to obtain a degree in Journalism through distance education whilst working side by side, to supplement my IIMC diploma. Let's see how it works out.

Q. What advice would you like to give to the students taking admissions this year?

A. Just take it one day, one assignment at a time. Not fret too much over petty things, and try to cover the whole syllabus during the examinations. It's a fairly easy journey; do not make it too difficult for yourself.

While talking to our team member, Anurag Sharma shared his views on IIMC and his career plans. His pointers might be useful for some of the Journalism aspirants. Jagran Josh wishes him good luck for his future.

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-Shruti Niraj

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