IISER scientists to develop first indigenous quantum computer under Cyber Physical Systems programme

Four IISER scientists are going to develop an indigenous quantum computer and a communication network in the time to come. Know the details here.

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Updated: Apr 5, 2019 15:44 IST
CBSE Term 2 Accountancy Syllabus- Class 11th

IISER Mohali

Four scientists from the Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research (IISER) will collaborate for developing the first quantum computer in India. The initiative is going on under the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) programme by the Department of Science and Technology. This is a booster for those who want these kinds of developments in the fields of science and technology. According to the four IISER scientists, the CPS project is multi-institutional in nature and it is a pan-India initiative. The amount that is going to be spent on the CPS programme will be around Rs. 300 crores. The estimated time for this project is around three years.

CBSE Term 2 Accountancy Syllabus- Class 11th

Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research (IISER) is going to play a major role in this project. IISER Director Prof. Arvind said, “It is of paramount importance for India to develop its indigenous research programme in building quantum computers and in developing quantum cryptography and quantum communication devices, so as to remain in the forefront of the race to be an Information Technology (IT) superpower.” In the development of this project, there are three other scientists apart from Prof. Arvind. These scientists are Prof Kavita Dorai, Dr. Mandip Singh and Dr. Sandeep Goyal.

CBSE Term 2 Accountancy Syllabus- Class 11th

The project is one of its kind in the field of development of quantum computer in the country. The government of India is taking all the pains to develop such indigenous technologies. The initiative is also meant for secure communication. In a simple sense, a quantum computer is far better than a supercomputer. The time that a quantum computer will take is closer to nothing as compared to that of the supercomputers. No quantum computer has been built as of now but the prototypes. The efforts are going on throughout the world to develop a quantum computer and India has listed itself in it too.

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