IIT BHU denies rumour of introducing Adarsh Bahu course

Published on: Sep 5, 2018 08:54 IST
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IIT BHU denies the rumour of introducing ‘Adarsh Bahu’ course

We live in a funny world. Everyday we encounter something that is quite difficult to digest and incorporate. A similar kind of news poured in when IIT BHU finally denied that they are not launching any ‘Adarsh Bahu’ or Beti Meri Abhimaab course in their campus. As per the media reports on courses provided by the Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University on ideal daughter-in-law, the institute has claimed that all of this is “misleading”. In an official statement, the IIT BHU has claimed that they do not offer any crash course or training programme entitled “Daughter’s Pride – Beti Meri Abhiman” or an “Adarsh Bahu”.

The Registrar of the Institute, Dr. SP Mathur denied the rumours and stated that no such training or course available or planned in the IIT-BHU on such topic. According to sources, the institute in a partnership with a start-up Young Skilled India and that particular start-up is launching such programmes that are meant to train unmarried women as ideal daughters-in-law.

As per the sources, it was a three-month crash course is specially designed for new brides and it aims to develop their interpersonal skills and how to deal with the new family members. To this, Mathur clarified that ‘Young Skilled India’ is a private start-up and IIT-BHU don’t have any kind of relation to the training programme planned by this startup in collaboration with a private body of the city.

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