Instagram launches Parent's Guide for children's safety

Published on: Sep 7, 2018 16:16 IST
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Days after the launch of a new feature that helps users analyze total time spent on the photo-messaging app Instagram, the Facebook-owned app has now built a 'Parent's Guide' to help parents who have teenage children using the platform. "We've included the basics of our app and description of our tools, plus a discussion guide for how parents and guardians can have an open conversation with their teens about Instagram," Marne Levine, Chief Operating Officer, Instagram wrote in a blog post.

The guide primarily focuses on how to ensure that teenagers are using Instagram in a positive way. The three things which have been addressed in the guide are - privacy, comments and time spent. The photo-messaging app has also developed a video guide that "gathered a group of parents who work at Instagram to talk about the tools they use to foster positive online experiences for their teens."

Instagram, which has over one billion app users, if offering other tools like comment controls which provides you to choose a specific group that can comment on your post and also allows you to report unwanted interactions. The feature automatically filters comments that Instagram deems potentially offensive. "We're committed to being here every step of the way to make sure parents and their teens have the tools they need to make the choices that are right for them," Levine added.

Earlier, Instagram – in its bid to curb fake news - announced that it would add an 'About This Account' feature to provide more details like the date when the account was created, any username changes in the past year, accounts with shared followers, and even the location of the account that reach a large audience.

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