Law students in Mumbai protest outside CET cell against inefficiency in admission process

Published on: Sep 11, 2018 09:57 IST
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Law students in Mumbai protest outside CET cell against inefficiency in admission process

After the Presidency University students’ protest for a new hostel, news has poured in that the Law students who were planning to take admission in the 3-year courses were compelled to protest outside the Common Entrance Test (CET) Cell after the admission body put the process on hold last week. It has been reported that 60 students protested against the carelessness and inefficiency of the cell. The students are demanding for the admission process to be started again with a smoother pace. Yesterday, i.e. 10th September 2018, was the last date for submitting the online applications.

As per sources, this problem arose due to the mistakes found in the online application forms of the students. The issue was highlighted when the merit list was announced last week and the verification of the documents began. The CET Cell then stopped the admissions of all such candidates until further notice. But due to this, the admission of the students who were there in that particular merit list, along with the defaulters, has also been affected.

The students disagree with this and are claiming that the admission process was flawed and the CET Cell had not clarified them about the marks on the portal. “Many of us have scored high marks but were denied admission to a college because the merit list is flawed,” stated an aspirant who had applied to the Government Law College at Churchgate. Although the merit list is prepared on the basis of the CET scores of a candidate, in case of a tie, the candidate’s graduation marks are considered. Several aspirants were turned down by the college on Monday leading to more confusion.

Commissioner of the state CET Cell, A E Rayate, stated that many students who graduated from the University of Mumbai had entered their marks for their final-year exams, instead of the aggregate of three years. “The university follows a credit-based grading system. So, candidates seem to have miscalculated their marks while applying. It is a mistake on the part of the candidates,” he said. Until Monday evening, the CET Cell was learning about such cases from the colleges.

“We are yet to ascertain how many aspirants have made a mistake in their applications. Once that is clear, we will seek permission from the Examination Regulatory Authority to allow these candidates to make an amendment on their applications. We did not want to scrap the entire merit list, as it would have been unfair to other applicants,” claimed Rayate.

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