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LIVE Kerala Election Result 2021: LDF 2.0; Pinarayi Vijayan to form the second term of the LDF government with 99 seats in hand out of 140

Published on: Sun 02 May 2021 07:51 AM IST
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LDF for second consecutive term in KeralaPala stands with Mani C KappanNDA leading in 3 seats

Kerala Assembly Elections 2021: LDF to form government in Kerala in second consecutive term with a lead in 91 seats. Key LDF leader Jose K Mani heading towards loss in bastion Pala. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala, Former CM Ommen Chandy in the lead. MM Mani with the highest majority in the state secures win in Udumbanchola.


  • 02 May 06:39 PM

    LDF to form government for a second term

    In a historic win, the LDF will be forming the government for a second continuous term with 99 seats out of 140 an increase of 8 seats from the 2016 election results. The NDA which won 1 seat in Nemam in 2016 were crushed to Zero seats this year while the UDF has been reduced to form the opposition with 41 seats. 

  • 02 May 03:54 PM

    Winners declared for few constituencies

    The list of winners is being declared for the Kerala State Assembly Elections 2021. UDF secured 41 seats while LDF is set to form its second continuous government in Kerala with a lead in 99 seats.

  • 02 May 03:22 PM

    LDF leads in 100 seats BJP looses lead in all 3 seats reduced to Zero

    LDF has secured a lead in 100 seats out of 40 leaving 40 seats to the UDF and reducing the NDA to Zero. Top party leaders secure a high majority with health minister KK Shailaja securing a historic majority of 60 thousand seats. 

  • 02 May 02:33 PM

    List of winners coming in as LDF maintains its lead in 97 seats

    LDF leading in 97 seats in Kerala while the NDA has failed to secure a lead in a single seat in the state. Winners being announced in the top constituencies and final round vote counting underway.

  • 02 May 01:43 PM

    Last leg counting under process

    The determining few rounds of counting underway in Kerala as LDF increases lead numbers in 98 seats out of 140. LDF to create history in the state with a second consecutive term. Winners being declared in a few of the constituencies in the state,

  • 02 May 12:30 PM

    LDF cake walking towards a win in the state

    The Left Democratic Front set to come to power in Kerala for a second continuous term. top opposition leaders maintain the lead. LDF leading in 92 seats in Kerala while UDF reduced to 43 and NDS maintains lead in 3 seats. 

  • 02 May 11:32 AM

    M M Mani shows maximum lead with approximately 20, 000 votes

    LDF leader MM Mani shows a lead of approximately 23,000 votes in Udumbanchola after completing Round 7 of counting. LDF maintains lead of 90 seats in the state and UDF maintains lead in 47 seats. 

  • 02 May 11:10 AM

    CM Pinarayi Vijayan to address the state in a press conference

    Chief Minister to address the state in a Press Conference after 12 PM today. With the LDF maintaining a lead in 89 seats in the state the UFG is maintaining a lead in 48 seats. NDS has maintained its lead in 3 seats in the state. Kerala heading towards a second consecutive LDF government as per trends. 

  • 02 May 11:03 AM

    Jose K Mani to Loose Pala?

    Three hours into the counting process in Kerala UDDF candidate Mani C Kappan towards a win in pala with a lead of 9000 seats although LDF maintains its lead in Kottayam District. 

  • 02 May 10:48 AM

    Constituency Updates

    Ettumanoor LDF candidate VN Vasavan falls back by 445 votes. UDF's total seat lead falls to 46 while LDF maintains the lead in 92 seats. LDF candidate Adv. AN Shamsheer maintains the lead with 22538 in Thalasherry.

  • 02 May 10:28 AM

    Poonjar giving up on sitting MLA PC Groege?

    Lead for sitting MLA PC George losing his lead to Congress candidate Adv. Tomy Kallany who is leading by 6185 votes. Kottayam showing tight fight between LDF and UDF with the LDF maintain a close lead

  • 02 May 10:09 AM

    Constituency wise seat leads

    As per latest updates in Palakkad constituency LDF 9, UDF 22, NDA 1; Thrissur LDF 10 UDF 2 NDA 1; Ernakulam UDF 9 5 LDF; Idukki LDF 3 UDF 2; Kottayam LDF 5 UDF 4; Alapuzha LDF 8 UDF 1; Pathanamthitta LDF 5; Kollam LDF 8 UDF 3; Thiruvananthapuram LDF 11, UDF 2, NDA 1; Kasargode UDF 3, LDF 2; Kannur LDF 8, UDF 3; Wayanad UDF 3, Kozhikode, LDF 8, UDF 5; Malappuram UDF 13 LDF 3

  • 02 May 09:51 AM

    Kottayam; Changanacherry LDF maintain lead

    LDF maintaining its lead in the Kottayam district although Key constituencyof Pala shows a neck-to-neck battle between LDF candidate Jose K Mani and UDF candidate Mani C Kappan. Changanacherry constituency in Kottayam which has been a bastion for the UDF with no chances of LDF ever winning is now showing a sway towards LDF with Kerala Congress Mani (LDF) candidate Job Michel fighting his first every Assembly elections with a lead of over 2000 votes. 

  • 02 May 09:24 AM

    Ramesh Chennitala leading in Haripad

    Opposition leader Ramesh Chennitala leading in Haripad as LDF has maintained its lead in 79 seats in the state. UDF leading in 59 seats and NDA leading in 2 seats in the state. Palakkad,, Nemam and pala put on a tight fight in the state

  • 02 May 09:06 AM

    NDA leading in 3 seats

    BJP candidates are leading in 3 seats in the state. Metroman E Sreedharan leading in Palakkad. Kottayam District shows a lead for the LDF. UDF leading in Idukki district.

  • 02 May 08:58 AM

    BJP leading in Palakkad

    BJP candidate E Sreedharan leading in Palakkad with approximately 1000 votes while the latest update in Kottayam show Jose K Mani leading in Pala, Konni UDF candidate in the lead, Poonjar PC Thomas falls behind, Changanacherry LDF candidate Job Michel in the lead.

  • 02 May 08:50 AM

    LDF leading in 80 seats

    According to the latest trends, LDF is leading in 80 seats in the state while UDF is leading in 58 seats. 20 percent of postal votes have been counted so far. Kottayam Congress candidate Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan in the lead. 

  • 02 May 08:21 AM

    Nemam LDF leading

    LDF candidate V Sivankutty leading in Nemam while Kerala Congress (M) leader and LDF candidate Jose K Mani is the lead in the Pala constituency. Initial lead trends show LDF lead in 33 seats and UDF has secured a lead in 23 seats. 

  • 02 May 08:16 AM

    Postal vote verdicts

    Manjeshwaram sways to the UDF as per initial trends while the LDF is leading in Vattiyoorkavu. Atingal initial trends sow an LDF lead while Kovalam trends show a UDF lead. Congress leader PJ Joseph lead in the Todupuzha constituency.

  • 02 May 08:09 AM

    Electronic Vote counting to begin after 8:30

    The counting of the electoral votes expected to begin after 8:30 AM. Eranakulam trends expected to be out first.

  • 02 May 08:07 AM

    Counting begins

    The counting process for the State Assembly Elections 2021 have commenced in the state. The state has started with the counting of the tabal votes.

  • 02 May 07:56 AM

    LDF Expected for a second term

    LDF  is expected to form a government in the state for the second consecutive tern as per the exit polls given by the local news channels. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will be seeking the verdict of the people from his seat in Dharmadam while Metroman E Sreedharan will be contesting his first elections from Palakkad. The other key constituencies in Kerala which will be under the scanner this election are Pala, Nemom, and Konni.

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