JEE Main: MNREGA Worker's Son Cracked exam, becomes first in Rajasthan Village

Published on: Jun 25, 2019 19:57 IST
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JEE Main 2019: It is really difficult to crack a difficult exam like JEE Main. It takes hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance from the students. Many fail to achieve what is really difficult. Every year, many students appear for the JEE Main exam and not many make to the final selection as the exam is one of the most difficult in the country. When it comes to a place that has no resources, no schools nearby then it really becomes difficult to think of the selection in the exam. However, it has been made possible by a village boy from Rajasthan who cracked the JEE Main exam this year. Lekhraj Bheel has become the first from his community and village who has cracked the JEE Main exam.

Lekhraj Bheel belongs to a village from Rajasthan and he is from a tribal community. The boy is 18 years old ad he has managed to achieve what many cannot. He did not know much about JEE Main some time ago but now he has cracked the exam. His success has not been a cakewalk as his parents, Mangilal and Sardari Bai, are MNREGA labourers. His parents are illiterate and they have to work hard to make their both ends meet. His family lives in Jhalawar's Mogayabeeh Bhilan village where education has not been so prominent and many of the members of his community did not know who an engineer is. With the success of Lekhraj, it has now become possible for them to have an engineer among them.

When the parents of the boy came to learn about the success of their son they were very happy. The father said, "I did not know what an engineer is and could not even dream that my son would become a graduate. Now I'm at the top of the world as he is going to become the first engineer in our local Bheel community and in the village." The boy became sentimental and he said that he would complete his degree and take care of his parents. The boy has been bright in his studies from very beginning despite the lack of schooling facilities nearby his village.

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