NCERT issues fresh guidelines for preschools, asks them to protect privacy of kids

Published on: Jul 31, 2018 10:53 IST
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National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has finalized fresh guidelines for preschools regarding privacy and security of kids studying there. The guidelines, which have been finalized after consultations with states, state that these preschools will have to protect the privacy of children while teachers make their video and audio clips or click their photographs for assessment purposes. The NCERT has issued the fresh guidelines after it was pointed out that some schools are sharing audios and videos of kids on social media and that without the consent of their parents.

Making videos and audios of kids in preschools is common as it helps teachers to assess the development of child and accordingly inspire them to do better. On this basis, some preschools provide separated classroom programs to kids who are lagging behind others.

According to the NCERT guidelines, these audio and video clips of children by school and teachers should be used considering privacy their privacy.

Guidelines on ‘technology in preschools’ also talks about discouraging the use of non-interactive and passive use of media for children aged between two and five.

The document however states that use of technology may be useful for young kids if it is assistive and help them in learning and development, such as exposing them to new modes of communication and vocabulary, motor control, conceptual understanding, etc.

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