NEET 2020 Exam Update: Kerala Health Dept issues Exam Guidelines, Separate Exam Centres for students from Containment Zones Planned

Published on: Aug 12, 2020 15:09 IST
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NEET 2020 Exam Guidelines Released: As per media reports, Kerala Health Dept has issued detailed guidelines for holding of NEET 2020 medical entrance exam in the state, which is scheduled to be held on 13th Sept. The State Government and Health Dept is planning to operate separate NEET 2020 exam centres for students who are coming from containment zones or those who have come from outstation and have not completed their institutional quarantine period. The announcement of the NEET 2020 Exam Day Guidelines for Exam Authorities and students come as the state government has asked the Health Department to ensure that none of the lapses that had ouccured during holding of KEAM 2020 exam are repeated and that safety, health and well-being of the students is upheld during holding of the examination.  

NEET 2020 Exam Day Guidelines for Kerala

The Health Department of Kerala Government has issued a comprehensive document that outlines the exam day guidelines that are to be followed by exam authorities who are holding the exam as well as for aspirants who would be appearing for it. The key highlights from NEET 2020 Exam Day Guidelines released by Kerala Health Dept are as follows:

Guidelines for Students Travelling from Outside the State

As per the guidelines, NEET aspirants who would be travelling to Kerala to appear for the medical entrance exam from abroad or other states will have to arrive at least 14 days in advance and complete the necessary stay-at-home or institutional quarantine before the exam day. The same rules will also be applicable to parents accompanying the students for NEET 2020 exam.

Exemption from Quarantine Based on COVID-19 negative report

Aspirants who want to be exempted from the aforementioned mandatory stay-at-home or institutional quarantine of 14 days, need to provide a COVID-19 negative report to the Health Dept on arrival. NEET 2020 aspirants and their parents need to take the COVID-19 test atleast 96 hours prior to the travel.

Separate Exam Centre for Aspirants from Containment Zones

Another important guideline that has come become a point of discussion among aspriants and parents is about creation of dedicated NEET 2020 exam centres for aspirants coming from containment zones or those who have not completed their quarantine period. Guidelines have prescribed setting up of separate exam centre or assigning a different classroom where such students will be accommodated for the exam. On similar lines, students exhibiting ‘mild symptoms’ of Coronavirus infection would be seated in a separate ‘sick room’ for the medical entrance test.

Health Workers to be Deployed at Exam Centres

NEET 2020 Exam Day Guidelines announced by Kerala Health Dept also prescribe that two field-level health care workers would be appointed at NEET 2020 exam centres to facilitate the holding of exam in adherence to the COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.

COVID-19 Guidelines, Precautions to be Followed

Health Depth has also said that all the other COVID-19 precautions and guidelines that were followed during KEAM 2020 exam will also be applicable for NEET 2020 entrance exam. This means aspirants, invigilators and staff on duty will have to compulsorily wear masks during the exam period. In addition to this, special training would also be provided to the invigilators that include sanitizing them and also telling them how to conduct the examination with COVID prevention.

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