Never be greedy for money and power, CM Kejriwal tells engineering students

Published on: Aug 2, 2018 17:33 IST
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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who himself did B.Tech in mechanical engineering, on Thursday advised budding engineers to follow their passion instead of running after money and top positions. "Don't run after money and top positions. The more you chase money, the farther it will get from you. All the people who have made money in life did not run after money, they ran after their goals and money poured by itself," Kejriwal, who did his B.Tech. from IIT-Kharagpur, said this while addressing new batch of students at Delhi Technological University (DTU) during an orientation-day programme.

The Chief Minister said that there should be an aim in everyone's life and one must do everything to achieve them. He said that those who are rich today never intended to become rich and those who are at important positions did not run only after them, they simply followed their dreams.

"Never be greedy for money and power. Think about serving your country. It has given you a lot and it’s your turn to do your part," Kejriwal told student and their parents present as the orientation-day programme.

"The entire country has lots of hopes from you guys so don't become job seekers instead become job providers. I want every student of DTU to provide jobs to at least 10 people after completing their courses," Kejriwal said.

He also urged students to take some interest in politics and understand the importance of democracy. Kejriwal however clarified that he is not asking anyone to join any political party or to be loyal on any of them.

"Don't join politics but try to contribute to the political system by questioning the ruling parties on loopholes in governance. I believe you - as youth of the country - should have knowledge about the political system and contribute to the democracy by making wise choices and questioning the political parties once you have made those choices," he said.

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