No alternative to books, but be calm and enjoy life: PM Modi to students

Published on: Jul 30, 2018 10:40 IST
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday tried to give some tips to youth who entered colleges and institutions of higher studies. During his address to the nation through his monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat' on All India Radio, he advised his 'young friends' to 'be calm, enjoy life and seek inner happiness'. This was his 46th episode.

"July is the month when the youth step into a new phase of life, where the focus shifts from questions and veers towards cut-offs...I firmly believe that my young friends must be enthusiastic & happy on the commencement of their college life," the Prime Minister said.

"Some students might have joined their respective colleges and some must be about to join. All I would like to say to you is ‘Be calm, enjoy life, seek inner happiness in life. There is no alternative to books, one has to study, yet one’s bent of mind should be towards discovering new things," he added.

PM Modi said many of these students are apparently taking charge of the course of one's life as leaving home for the first time and moving out of their village is just like coming out of a protective environment.

PM Modi also advised that childhood friends are precious, but selecting, making and maintaining new friendships is a task that requires immense prudence.

"Young people who leave their homes for the sake of studies should discover their new places, know more about the people, language, culture & tourism facets related to them. My best wishes to all the young people about to begin a new innings," he said.

PM Modi also used the occasion to praise Asharam Choudhury, who despite being from a humble background cracked the Entrance exam for MBBS at AIIMS in his maiden attempt.

"In his maiden attempt, he cracked the Entrance exam for MBBS at AIIMS, Jodhpur. His father earns his daily bread by waste-picking. I congratulate him on his success. There are many such instances of students from deprived families who, through sheer determination & perseverance overcame all odds and stood out to be beacons of inspiration to others," PM said.

The Prime Minister also talked about Prince Kumar of Delhi, whose father is a DTC bus driver, Abhay Gupta of Kolkata who studied on foothpaths under street lights, Bitiya Afreen Sheikh of Ahmedabad, whose father drives an auto rickshaw, Nagpur’s daughter Khushi, whose father is a school bus driver, Karthik of Haryana, whose father is a watchman or Ramesh Sahu of Jharkhand, whose father is a brick-kiln labourer… or Gurgaon’s divyang angel Anushka Panda, who suffers from a hereditary disorder called spinal muscular atrophy during his address.

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