IIT Kharagpur develops a blood testing device- low cost and efficient, say researchers

Published on: Aug 13, 2019 12:09 IST
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The country is making improvements day by day when it comes to providing better medical facilities to the citizens. There have been a time when there were few resources and we were unable to provide for the growing medical needs of our countrymen. But, thanks to our researchers that have made things easier and we can now deal with the issues in a better way. It is high time we talked about the new developments in the field of medical sciences.

In a recent development, the researchers at IIT Kharagpur have made us proud as they have successfully developed a low-cost device that will be used in testing blood. It is interesting that the newly built device can perform in an efficient manner all the tests. Also, the amount of blood that the device needs is low and it can operate even with the blood that it can get with a simple finger prick. The device is so good that it needs a small kit to operate. The operational thing that is required for the device is a kit connected to a smartphone.

With its smart set-up, the device will analyse the functions. The LED light of the smartphone is used for the purpose of imaging. The device is not only efficient , but of low cost also. The cost effectiveness of this device makes it awesome. If we talk about the operation of this device, then it needs a single drop of blood of the patient and the chemical used to perform the test. The efficiency and the function of the device will be harnessed commercially and it will prove to be the best in the business, believes the team of the researchers.

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