Students from Ambala develop ultrasonic stick for blinds with audio navigation response

Published on: Sep 11, 2018 13:16 IST
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What displays the immense potential of Indian youths, three students of class VI, VIII and X from Ambala has developed an ultrasonic stick for blinds that will tell them the way with an audio navigation response. This stick constitutes an ultrasonic sensor which can tell about the obstruction in the way towards which the blind person is walking from a certain distance.

Once an obstruction is detected, the sensor will give an audio response to the stick holder. The stick can also help in the fire, temperature, rain, and as a weapon in need of self-defense. Most importantly, the stick also promises to take care of the user as well. If the heart rate of the blind person increases, then this stick can also inform the emergency services.

The students have won third prize in entire India for developing this smart stick. The students include Aryan Aggarwal of class X from DAV Public School Ambala Cantonment, Aakash Kushwaha of class VII from Delhi Public School (DPS) Ambala, and Daksh Goyal of class VI from Cecil Convent School Ambala Cantonment who trained at Kidobotics Ambala.

Aryan Aggarwal said, "The stick can sense the objects at the distance of 70 meters and alert the holder by beeping sound and vibrating in the hand which will not only help the blind but also the blind and deaf to move independently." The Principal Seema Dutt of DAV and Dr Ravinder Ahuja of DPS congratulated the students for their achievements and wished them good luck for their contribution towards public service.

The director of Kidobotics Jyoti Gupta told that this is the smart stick of new generation which will not only help the elderly, blinds, but it can also help the children to stay on the right path in case they feel lost. The stick also keeps an eye on the heart rate and the body temperature of the holder. The stick has been designed using the Artificial Intelligence, and if the person holding this stick start moving in some other direction than the set destination, then it vibrates and signals towards the correct direction. This stick can also inform the emergency service in case of the heart rate of the holder is high.

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