Twitter ends support to iPhones, iPads using iOS 9 version and lower

Published on: Aug 24, 2018 13:27 IST
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Days after updating the iOS app, micro-blogging site Twitter has decided to end support for all iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or older versions of the operating system. According to a message in the app's update text, users of iOS 10 or higher version will continue to receive updates and have a supported mobile client. Which means, that users using iOS 9 and below will no longer receive performance improvements or bug fixes for the Twitter app. The company's message notes that the move will allow it to streamline its app development for supported clients. Twitter has been till now supporting devices like the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and their variants.

"We are streamlining our app development for all clients. As a result, devices on iOS 9 or older will no longer receive updates from Twitter. To get the latest feature updates, performance improvements and bug fixes, please update to iOS 10+", the micro-blogging site said.

The move by Twitter makes a sense as a commitment to support years old hardware makes it difficult for any company to add new features to its app. "It's not unprecedented for social apps to make this choice -- LinkedIn and Snapchat also only support iOS 10 or higher. Facebook, meanwhile, caters to anyone on iOS 9 or above," a report in TechCrunch said.

Let us make it very clear that it does not mean that if you are using iOS 9 or iOS 8 or lower you will not be able to access the Twitter app. End of support simply means that you will have to continue using your app without getting any app updates from Twitter. Also, reports suggest that out of total iOS users, only 4.5 percent are using the iOS 9 version, which means not too many people will be affected by the move.

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