Two IIT-Delhi students win India James Dyson award for designing convenient wheelchair

Published on: Sep 6, 2018 18:34 IST
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IIT Students (Pic Credit: Twitter)

What can be termed as a moment of pride for the nation, two IIT-Delhi students have won the James Dyson Award from India for designing a wheelchair that conveniently shifts the users from wheelchairs to other mediums. The two students Amit Kumar and Rituparna Guha have been felicitated with Rs 1.70 lakh as prize money.

Prior designing this convenient wheelchair, Amit and Rituparna visited Cheshire Home for Disability and interacted with several such mobility-impaired patients and realised that the ack of an effective solution which could effectively shift the patients to and from wheelchairs, as per the press release. They also realised that this is the problem which has been haunting most patients suffering from paraplegia in India.

The wheelchair, Samarth is turning out to be a boon for the caregivers as it reduces the efforts in the handling of patients, especially during transfer. "Many sleepless nights at the design studio, repeated visits to the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Cheshire Home for Disability and rounds between wholesale markets, numerous prototypes and lots and lots of feedback brought us to what we call Samarth. We have nurtured this because we saw potential in it to reduce the pain and inconvenience caused a lot many suffering people in India," say Rituparna and Amit as they gear up for the next step of this journey which is "designing the innovation for manufacturers."

Last year, an IIT-Kanpur student had won the award (India) for designing efficient stretcher that transfers the patient without any pain. James Dyson is an international design competition led by the British entrepreneur. The international winner will be selected from hundreds of applications across the world later this year.

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