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Sex with minor wife amounts to rape: SC

The Apex Court of Country Supreme Court struck down the provision of criminal law that legalized sex by a spouse with his minor wife between the age of 15 to 18 years in a child marriage case. The apex court said the exception in the rape law was contrary to the philosophy of other statutes and violates the bodily integrity of a girl child. The court also ruled that the exception given to this is violative of Article 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution.

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Publish Date : Oct 11, 2017

Bengal's Kanyashree initiative wins United Nations Public Service Award

Kanyashree Prakalpa is a targeted conditional cash transfer scheme aimed at retaining girls in schools and other educational and skill development institutions and preventing child marriage.

Recommended for : West Bengal , West Bengal Government , United Nations Public Service Awards , Kanyashree Prakalpa

Publish Date : Jun 24, 2017

International Day of the Girl Child 2016 observed across the world

The theme for the 2016 IDGC asks for a call for action for increased investment in collecting and analyzing girl-focused, girl-relevant and sex-disaggregated data.

Recommended for : International Day of the Girl Child , Child Marriage , UN Women , United Nations

Publish Date : Oct 11, 2016

Hollywood actor Anne Hathaway appointed as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Hathaway has previously served as an advocate for Nike Foundation. She travelled to Kenya and Ethiopia to raise awareness on child marriage.

Recommended for : United Nations , UN , UN Women , Anne Hathaway , Goodwill Ambassador

Publish Date : Jun 16, 2016

यूएनएफपीए एवं यूनिसेफ ने बाल विवाह रोकने हेतु नई पहल की घोषणा की

इस नई पहल को ‘यूएनएफपीए-यूनिसेफ ग्लोबल प्रोग्राम टू ऐक्सेलरेट एक्शन टू एंड चाइल्ड मैरिज’ नाम दिया गया है.

Recommended for : UNFPA , UNICEF , Global Programme , Child Marriage , यूएनएफपीए , यूनिसेफ , बाल विवाह

Publish Date : Mar 10, 2016

UNFPA, UNICEF launched Global Programme to Accelerate Action to End Child Marriage

It will support those already married as girls in 12 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East where child marriage rates are high.

Recommended for : UNFPA , UNICEF , child marriage , sustainable development goal , women empowerment , girl child

Publish Date : Mar 9, 2016

Rajasthan Government relaxed two-child policy for government employees

As per the decision, the state government employees, already having two children from previous marriage, will now be allowed to have one child in case of a remarriage.

Recommended for : Rajasthan , Two-child policy , Vasundhara Raje , Government employees

Publish Date : Nov 4, 2015

Indian Women facing inequality at all stages of Life Cycle: UN Study

The observation was made in the report entitled The World's Women 2015: Trends and Statistics which is an update of the statistics on the situation of women and men around the world.

Recommended for : India , status of women , gender equality , health , United Nations , infant mortality , child marriage

Publish Date : Oct 21, 2015

2006 బాల్యవివాహాల నిషేధ చట్టం, ముస్లింలకూ వర్తిస్తుంది: గుజరాత్ హైకోర్టు

గుజరాత్ హైకోర్టు 25 సెప్టెంబర్ 2015 ప బాల్యవివాహాల నిషేధ చట్టం, 2006 ముస్లింలకూ వర్తిస్తుందని రూలింగ్ ఇచ్చింది. అంతేకాదు చట్టం వ్యక్తిగత నియమాలకంటే బలమైనదని జస్టిస్ జెబి పర్దివాలా తన తీర్పులో పేర్కొన్నారు.

Recommended for : Prohibition of Child Marriage Act , 2006 , Gujarat High court , 2006 బాల్యవివాహాల నిషేధ చట్టం , గుజరాత్ హైకోర్టు

Publish Date : Sep 29, 2015

Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 to apply on Muslims also: Gujarat High court

The ruling held that the Child Marriage Act is a Special Act and it will override the provisions of Muslim Personal Law, Hindu Marriage Act or any personal law.

Recommended for : Prohibition of Child Marriage Act , 2006 , apply on Muslims , Gujarat High court , Muslim Personal Law , Special Act

Publish Date : Sep 26, 2015

Global Human Rights Organisation, Breakthrough Launched a Campaign against Early Marriage

Breakthrough, the global human rights organisation on 21 October 2013 launched the campaign called Nation Against Early Marriage.

Recommended for : early marriage , child marriage , Breakthrough , early marriage campaign

Publish Date : Oct 22, 2013

Government of India enacted Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006

India Current Affairs August 2012. The Government of India enacted the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) 2006

Recommended for : Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 , Child Marriage

Publish Date : Aug 16, 2012

State Government of Goa Launched Ladli Laxmi Scheme

National Current Affairs August 2012. State Government of Goa launched Ladli Laxmi Scheme on 6 July 2012. Women and Child Welfare department initiated this scheme

Recommended for : Goa , Ladli Laxmi Scheme , Women and Child Welfare department , marriage

Publish Date : Aug 7, 2012

Incidents of Child Marriages fell significantly in India: Annual Health Survey Report

India Current Affairs 2012. According to the data released by first Annual Health Survey (AHS) conducted by the census authorities the incidents of child marriage fell significantly

Recommended for : Annual Health Survey , AHS , Child Marriage in India , Current Affairs July 2012

Publish Date : Jul 17, 2012

Unicef Report noted 18% of those below 15 years and 47% of those below 18 years are Married in India

International Current Affairs 2012. As per Unicef’s State of the World’s Children Report 2012, 18% of those below 15 years and 47% of those below 18 years are married in India

Recommended for : current affairs March 2012 , World’s Children Report , adolescents in India , marriage below 18 years , child marriage , marital rights awareness

Publish Date : Mar 1, 2012

47 Percent of Indian Women Were Married by the Age of 18

India Current Affairs 2011. A 2011 data sheet called The World’s Women and Girls released by the Population Reference Bureau revealed that 47% of women in India were married by the age of 18

Recommended for : Child marriage , Child marriages in India , India Current Affairs , Current Affairs May 2011

Publish Date : May 11, 2011

National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24 January every year.

Recommended for : National Girl Child Day , SABLA , child development services , ICDS , Dhanalaksmi scheme , Ministry of Women and Child Development , Adolescent Girls , Dowry Prohibition Act 2006 , Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 , Domestic Violence Act 2009

Publish Date : Jan 25, 2011
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