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DRDO inaugurated world’s highest Research Centre in Ladakh

The centre will serve as a natural cold storage for preserving rare and endangered medical plants for generations.

Recommended for : DRDO , R&D , Extreme Altitude Research Centre , Chang La , Ladakh , Jammu and Kashmir , DIHAR

Publish Date : Oct 5, 2015

Union Government sanctioned 30 new cold storage projects

These cold storage which will help in reducing the wastage of food will attract an investment of about 400 crore rupees.

Recommended for : Union Government , Integrated Cold Storage Chain project , Food Processing Industry

Publish Date : May 19, 2015

सरकार द्वारा 30 नए कोल्ड स्टोरेज खोलने की मंजूरी दी गयी

खाद्य प्रसंस्करण मंत्रालय ने 18 मई 2015 को देश में 30 नए कोल्ड स्टोरेज (शीत भंडारगृह) खोलने के लिए मंजूरी प्रदान की

Recommended for : Government , cold storage , सरकार , कोल्ड स्टोरेज

Publish Date : May 19, 2015

IITians created solar-powered cold storage with no running cost

Young IIT engineers have come up with an affordable solution to the wastage of agricultural produce by developing a unique solar-powered cold storage system.

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Publish Date : Sep 20, 2014

HALCON announced Commencement of Air Cargo Services at the Ojhar Airport in Nashik

Corporate/Business Current Affairs 2011. HALCON along with terminal operator Clarion Solutions announced commencement of air cargo services at Ojhar airport

Recommended for : current affairs September 2011 , Ojhar airport , air cargo services , Mumbai airport , Russian AN-124 aircraft , cold storage , air traffic

Publish Date : Sep 21, 2011
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