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Indian States That Have Hindi as an Official Language

The Constitution of India designates the official language of the Government of India as Hindi written in the Devanagari script, as well as English. Indian States have the liberty and powers to specify their own official language(s) through legislation but only from the languages listed in the eighth Schedule of the Constitution. Here, we are giving the list of Indian States That Have Hindi as an Official Language which will enhance the general knowledge of the readers.

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Publish Date : Sep 20, 2017

स्टैच्यू ऑफ लिबर्टी के बारे में 15 रोचक तथ्य

स्टैच्यू ऑफ लिबर्टी, 4 जुलाई 1776 को अमेरिका की स्वतंत्रता की स्मृति में अमेरिकियों के लिए फ्रांसीसियों द्वारा दिया गया एक उपहार था। इस स्टैच्यू को फ्रांस में जुलाई 1884 में तैयार कर लिया गया था और फ्रांसीसी युद्धपोत "आईसेर" द्वारा 17 जून 1885 को न्यूयॉर्क बंदरगाह पर लाया गया था और यहीं पर इसकी स्थापना हुई थीl

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Publish Date : Apr 11, 2017

15 Interesting facts about Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a gift of the French people to the Americans on the commemoration of American Independence on July 4, 1776. The Statue was completed in France in July 1884 and arrived in New York Harbor in June 1885 onboard the French frigate "Isere."

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Publish Date : Apr 10, 2017

World's First commercial flying Car is now available

The world's first commercial road and air legal flying car is now available. It is made by Dutch vehicle manufacturer PAL-V who has revealed details of the Liberty. Let us study in detail about this first commercial flying car, about PAL-V, how it works etc.

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Publish Date : Feb 18, 2017

Preamble of the Constitution

The Preamble serves as an introduction to the Constitution. It was amended by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act in 1976, which determined to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and Democratic republic. It secures justice, liberty, equality to all the citizens of India and promotes fraternity among the people.

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Publish Date : Jun 20, 2015

Anarchism theorist: Benjamin Ricketson Tucker

Benjamin Ricketson Tucker was a proponent of American individualist anarchism, which he called "unterrified Jeffersonianism," and editor and publisher of the individualist anarchist periodical Liberty.

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Publish Date : Jan 3, 2013
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