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Zoological Survey of India released first compendium of animal diversity in Indian Sundarbans

The compendium is the first consolidated and updated information of the faunal diversity of the Sundarbans. It lists over 2600 species, including the new species described from the mangrove ecosystem as well as threats faced by them due to climate change. It catalogues the entire faunal diversity of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve covering 9630 square kilometres spread over 19 blocks in South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas of West Bengal.

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Publish Date : Sep 13, 2017

Climate change impact on animals in Himalayas to be recorded by ZSI

Under the project, ZSI will monitor indicators in species like fish, butterflies, bees and other insects to find how their distribution has been affected by climate change.

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Publish Date : Jun 30, 2016

Marine Museum inaugrated at Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre in Digha

The newly constructed museum that is thrown open to the public contains Fish gallery, Coral gallery, and Molluscan gallery with more than 500 marine species display.

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Publish Date : Feb 11, 2016

New Species of Eel, Gymnothorax mishrai discovered along West Bengal coast

Gymnothorax mishrai is a 32.4 cm long marine species and is edible.

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Publish Date : Dec 22, 2015

ZSI monitoring climate change impact on Sundarban animals

For this purpose, monitoring bases were established at 25 plots in the five islands of Bali, Gosaba, Basanti, Sagar and Satjelia.

Recommended for : Zoological Survey of India , ZSI , monitoring bases in Sundarbans , mangrove forests , Sundarbans

Publish Date : Jul 3, 2015
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